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  1. I have heard on forums of a lot of people who have DACA & are EWI that have used adv. parole & come back with no problems. I personally have not met anyone that's used it and come back tho. I also have not read anywhere online of DACA beneficiaries getting denied re-entry to the US. I've also read online of a couple of people who are trying to adjust status after using AP as well, because they are relatives of US citizens, mainly spouses. AP states it is not a guaranteed re-entry document, but after hours of reading & research I decided AP is worth the risk. I have been talking to Katy Chavez, a lawyer who has helped dreamers apply for AP & I am currently gathering evidence to send out my application for adv. parole hopefully by the 10th of May. Check out this website as, there's people who share their AP experience. https://www.facebook.com/katychavezdreamers
  2. Official Vermont Approval or Pending Thread

    Best of Luck to everyone! & still waiting.... hopefully will get an approval notice in April or sooner! *crossing fingers* Til then, gonna study for the driver's license exam...
  3. Welcome to the forums dreamer25 :)

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      Thank u for accepting me! I look forward to the news updates & everything else!