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  1. I am in the process. My boyfriend and I got married and we're getting our case ready through an immigration attorney to go in front of a judge so they can make a decision on waiving my removal order. They'll tell you that in the eyes of the law, we are "criminals" so they won't care what we have to contribute. We are petitioning all the hardships my deportation would bring upon my husband, the American citizen. I would highly suggest you find a reputable immigration attorney. Mine is letting me pay in installments. Good luck! Feel free to PM me with any questions.
  2. So I'm in a crappy situation. I was an idiot and waited to apply for the expansion of DACA instead of renewing and when it was delayed, it was already pretty late for me to start my renewal process. My DACA/EAD expires 4/15/15 and I haven't even had my biometrics appointment yet so I am assuming that my work permit will most likely expire before it renews. I've talked to my HR department and they said they could let me go and rehire me when it gets renewed. I am worried about missing so much work during a very busy season for my team and not having the security of knowing I will get hired back. I had an idea of offering to work pro-bono, no pay for that period of time and I'd be willing to sign an agreement so they don't have to worry about the liability of me coming after them for back pay. Is this even legal, though? I want to work from home and not get compensated but I'm not sure if being on the "books" even though I am not getting paid is still considered hiring someone.... I can't find any legit answers online and wanted to reach out here before meeting with my lawyer. Thanks guys!
  3. Aim High!

    Hey guys! I've been reading so many posts about the difficulties in finding a job and I just wanted to share my experience. Once I got my EAD, SSN and license, I decided I needed to start a CAREER. I had been lucky enough to have found a full time nannying position (paid cash) but now that I had been approved, I felt like I was finally allowed to break free and fly. I am done working 2-4 jobs and having no stability or reliability. I saved a little money and went to Target and bought a navy suit ($30 for pants, $25 for jacket) and a few blouses to be ready for interviews. I had nannying and restaurant jobs on my resume but I played up my customer service skills and experience and applied it to industries that had room for growth. I applied to all of the best hotels in my city for a front desk agent or reservations position and front desks at other companies including an insurance brokerage firm. It took 2 months of spending 9-5 a day applying, sending resumes and cover letters and following up via phone and email to every single submission until I finally landed my top choice. My top choice required a minimum of a bachelors degree, proficiency in word and excel and other more general skills. I never went to college and had nannying and restaurant jobs on my resume but I applied, emailed and called until I got a phone interview. Women: please read "Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office". It helped me SO MUCH. I faked it till I made it into that damn office LOL I knew NOTHING about insurance and bought a book course on excel. I've been working there for 3 weeks and every day feels like a dream. Full benefits, 401k... Everything that seemed so far away and almost impossible for so long. I really want to stress that you are all deserving of job security and positions that you've been waiting for all your life or at least the majority of it. AIM HIGH. Ignore requirements and sell yourself. If you know you could do a good job, get yourself in there. Rehearse over and over the best qualities about yourself and skills you have and say them confidently. This is your time to shine and make the best of what you have so don't sell yourself short. And be patient. Don't lose steam. I am lucky it only took me 2 months and a handful of "no's" but I was ready for the long haul. If I can help with resumes, cover letters, what to expect at a phone screening or in person interview, please feel free to email me: [email protected] I wish you all luck and hope you fight as hard as you always have cause we are one TOUGH GROUP!!!!!!!!!!! Oxoxox
  4. Aim High!

    Thanks adol! :-)
  5. Credit Cards?

    So annoyed with this credit card situation. Applied for capital one's new comers, Barclays small limit card for bad or no credit and a few store cards and got denied on all. Absolutely stopped applying but it's so frustrating that with a full time job, not one of those cards would approve me. I really didn't want to tie up money in a secured credit card but it looks like that's my only option to start building my credit!
  6. How Much Is Your Car Insurance?

    $106 a YEAR :-) motorcycle insurance with Progressive! ;-)
  7. Don't know how accurate this article is but this seems like a believable response SMH
  8. Interesting read.. I wonder how likely this would be to happen.
  9. Ditto. The republican house of reps have to vote on it first to see if it's going to even be brought to the floor. The internal meeting doesn't indicate if it will or won't, it just has to happen. Cross your fingers guys! This feels closer than ever.
  10. License & IDs by State.

    It took exactly 7 days to receive my drivers license in the mail from the day it was issued. Masshole here! ;-)
  11. Resume Help

    E-mail me if you're interested in seeing a cover letter and resume example! [email protected]
  12. Yay! Finally got my license in the mail! :) No more carrying around my passport! So nice :)

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      Lol I know!! Finally! :-)

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      Awesome! I am anticipating that point. :)

  13. Job Resume Need Help

    Cover letter, resume, both in a Manila folder... It's professional and organized! Anyone interested in seeing my cover letter and resume, email me at [email protected]
  14. Hey guys! I haven't been on here in a while, I apologize but so much has happened and I wanted to share my experience with obtaining my permits and class M license (motorcycle license) in Massachusetts. Make sure you guys go through the list of acceptable forms of proof of identity, signature and residence when you go to the RMV. They didnt accept my proof of address so I had to go back another day! If you are getting your class M permit and you do not have a drivers license at all, get ready for the fees. $50 to issue EACH license, $30 for each permit, $15 for each road test... Grand total of $190. Took both permit tests (you are required to take class D if you want to take class M) and you must get 18 out of 25 questions right on each test. The questions are a mixture of common sense and alcohol, minors, penalties and street signs. It's pretty ridiculous, actually. Passed both easily! Signed up for a motorcycle course that when completed, you do not have to take the RMV road test as long as you pass. It's a 2-day, 15 hour course... 5 classroom hours, 10 driving hours. The owner sends the RMV your certificate of completion and the RMV mails you your license. The class I took was at Streetwise Cycle school in Hyde Park and I highly recommend it. The driving test at the end was difficult but I passed! I am seriously addicted to riding and I cannot wait to buy my bike. The only fun part.... Cause I have the best luck... The owner emailed me saying he tried to issue my license but the RMV said I have "outstanding obligations". I called the RMV and it turns out there is an "incident" in California tied to my name. Considering I've never driven OR been to the west coast, I'm confident it doesn't have anything to do with me but now I have to go in with proof of identity to resolve it LOL Nothing has come easy but I'm glad it has come at ALL! Tomorrow I will be going into the wonderful world of the RMV to prove I'm not a felon. Well... Not THAT kind, at least ;-)
  15. I know!! Every time I read everyone's posts about what they are getting done and the feeling of having licenses, bank accounts, a SSN... It makes me cry tears of happiness!! This has been so surreal and overwhelming but its wonderful. The fight continues but we've made such a huge leap forward! :-) And yes, that's me!! I have a stone cold face on because that was in the middle of my driving test lol it was tricky! Tight figure 8's where your pegs would scrape against the pavement lol so awesome though, in love with that bike!! Thanks Aled! :-)
  16. I will!! It's supposed to rain :-( so I'm hoping they let us jump on Saturday! So excited! And absolutely.... Safety first!!
  17. Visa Overstays

    I'm a visa overstay and mine took almost 8 months!
  18. Sotero, that's accurate. I've been married for 2 1/2 years and we had started the process right before DACA was introduced. When we heard about it, we put everything on pause so that I could apply. I have deportation order that was put on me so I have to go in front of a judge in an immigration court and have my husband petition for me and plead his case and the hardships my deportation would bring onto him. However, before DACA, they could detain me if I set foot in any government building (which would be a few) for the ENTIRE process which could take years. Now that I'm DACA approved, they can't touch me because they can't deport me (na na na na naaaaaa na) and that makes it more likely for a judge to rule in my favor as well since deportation isn't an option anymore. Good luck! Look into it!
  19. How Has Life Changed?

    Ugh! Reading everyone's comments literally made me cry :') I am so incredibly happy for us... This is so wonderful and surreal that we have finally been unleashed!!! Congrats guys... Relish every feeling and memory!
  20. Thanks Jose! I will :-) ...skydiving this Saturday! Starting to check off my bucket list ;-)
  21. I got denied immediately once I submitted my application for the Capital One newcomer's CC... sucks! I am going to open up my own bank accounts tomorrow at BOA so I'm going to see if I qualify for any credit cards.
  22. Picking up a printout of my SSN tomorrow and immediately going to the RMV to take the test for my motorcycle permit! Can't wait!

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      WOOHOO!!!! Please dont die! Bikes are dangerous :-/

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      Hahaha! I'll try not to ;-) I'm taking a 16-hour motorcycle course this Saturday and Sunday... that'll be the deciding factor on how much horsepower I'm going to take on! But no worries! Safety first for this girl.

  23. So because this is a cruel waiting game, of course the SS office told me that they had to put a 10 day hold on submitting my application because my EAD was so new. Did I miss anyone covering this topic? Has anyone experienced this? This means that in 10 days, they will finally submit my application and when I receive a letter in the mail, I can get a printout of my SSN. And then my actual card will be mailed to me within 4 weeks after the 10 days. Why can't I have a time machine?