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    to follow my dream and become a nurse
  1. Just Want To Vent

    In bellflower california
  2. Just Want To Vent

    I.sent in my app in September of 2012. And had my bio done in October and just got a letter saying i need more evidence ... Ugh im frustrated but hopefully this time is fine and i FINALLY get approved
  3. i feel like im going nutz i want to know something regarding my case ugh i just wanna scream

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    2. Bahamagirl


      Yes I'm feeling the same way too there are so many things I that we can but can't wait to do.We are anxious.

    3. jimenezerika
    4. msminci


      I feel your anxiety!

  4. How Long Did You Wait In California??!!!!!

    oh god i see its not just me i applied in sep 27 got my bio in oct 24 and since then nada i feel like im almost loosing hope .im going nutz
  5. Welcome to the forums dreaminangels08 :)