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  1. I Got Approved!!

  2. At first I was very optimistic having seen the bill pass the senate with such extraordinary bipartisan support (mehhh mostly democrats...). Now my stance has changed having realized what the GOP members of the represent for the passage of a fair immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship. It is very demoralizing knowing what approach the members of the house will take on the matter, I find it very realistic that most likely they take it by bits instead of presenting a whole immigration bill. Hence, this'll make the process potentially lengthier for adjustment of status etc.
  3. It's superb knowing things have turned for the better for you and everyone else who shares their life changes as well. If that's you on the motorcycle, you look bad! (in the good sense of the word) Make the best of the opportunities, and have some safe fun out there
  4. If this reform passes, and we're left with the option of joining the military I will be more than tempted to join even though my family won't support...
  5. Thanking God Almighty

    oh yeahhhhhh! Congratulations, the best is yet come.
  6. Under Pressure

    Getting approved and finally be able to get a job legally, get a driver's license and be able to pay for your schooling, as well as be an asset to your household. No better feeling than that, to finally be able to change your life. That being said, I don't think there's reasons for one to feel pressured I say that not knowing your circumstances. After those two years are up, you can renew your permit. Still in the air, there's a great possibility that an immigration reform is going to get approved. Of course having been approved gives you the opportunity to get a job and save money, if you're like me who doesn't yet have a college degree, my goal is to eventually save enough money to pay for schooling. I don't share the same feeling of pressure that you do, I feel like one needs to have a plan to say the least, and certainly prioritize.
  7. Entire Senate Bill Text Released

    I'd say that this would be my exact same concern. I don't have a degree, I have not attended college. If this would be a requirement I might as well prepare myself to wait ten years...
  8. Entire Senate Bill Text Released

    So I'm thinking that applies to Dreamers who are not under DACA...
  9. Entire Senate Bill Text Released

    What would be your concern on this matter?
  10. Pregunta Sobre El Ssn

    Si, yo personalmente te puedo decir que mi tarjeta de SS esta marcada con exactamente lo mismo. Todo aquel que reciba un tipo de permiso de trabajo su tarjeta usualmente esta marcada con esa fraze.
  11. Senate Immigration Bill Revealed

    It seems promising for us Dreamers as well as people under the TPS program. Our time to be able to acquire a residency as well as citizenship seems we won't actually have to wait those ten years.
  12. Senate Immigration Bill Revealed

    I'm just wondering that while we apply for this reform or RPI will it be similar to what advanced parole is like right now...? Meaning risky to travel abroad? I have so much questions that come to mind, speculating will do no good... Very eager to see what's up and coming.
  13. I felt anxious, I could feel my every nerve. I took a deep breath, and got my mind into gear. Yes! I had a great interview! :D

    1. Calidreamer


      Yay!! Good! Wish you success :D

  14. Salir del pais, tu ya sabras no es posible siendo beneficiario de DACA. Yo por medio de un representante de viajes me contaron que puedes viajar a las Bahamas en crusero contal que te quedes en el crusero. Osea no tocar tierra. Esto no es nada confirmado, ni oficial.
  15. They probably have, or probably not have hired enough people to handle the work load. Keep in mind that there's evidence they have to review, background checks to be done, these things should take time. Also for a reason they transfered your case, they're overwhelmed with work. This is opinion based, don't take it from me.
  16. You pretty much answered your own question. All centers not only have to process DACA cases but all others as well. You know, residence, citizenship etc. It's called United State Citizenship and Immigration Service for a reason. Just sayin'.....
  17. Just Got Approved!

    Good for you buddy! Indeed, it's good news!
  18. :''( Why God??

    It is tremendously unfortunate to have to see such outcome in your case. At this point of time it is best to wait for the letter which does further explain your denial. You should have a bit of a clue, if you know you applied while you had a record with police or something in that regard. Or if you know you applied and didn't fully meet the criteria to be DACA eligible. There could've been mistakes on your application that didn't add up to your evidence, or mistakes made by themselves. I feel for you truly. Wait for those letters and if you can do something about it you do it. Keep us all posted, best of luck
  19. That beautiful light at the end of the tunnel is almost within reach... Optimistic, excited.

    1. Calidreamer


      That's the attitude I like! Keep it up :D

    2. Santi


      Dude - I am still at the end of the tunnel...what it was a soothing light at the end of the tunnel...was just a freight train coming my wayyyyyy - doesn't matter, though...I'ma Baoss

    3. Aled


      You survive, you become stronger. The train wreck must've left lessons you've learned.

  20. If they oredered production of your new card you should've been approved for DACA as well. Not sure what appears when you check your DACA status. Congratulations, it's an approval
  21. I Got Arrested Help???

    (facepalm) Regardless of whether this was your fault or not, it is almost impossible for anyone here to give you answers on any possible outcome from USCIS. Best thing you can do is to get yourself a lawyer that can clear things out for you on this misdemeanor matter. A good advice for people that are currently waiting for approval is to avoid any possible situation that can potentially lead you into trouble. USCIS doesn't care whether you can prove to them if its your fault or not, they can assume anything out of you and simply deny your application.
  22. :)
    1. Calidreamer
    2. Aled


      One gives a smile, better if the response is with an even bigger smile! :D Helloooo