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  1. Help!! Job Search Problems!!

    Ok. I'll keep that in mind. I appreciate your advice.
  2. Help!! Job Search Problems!!

    I've tried online applications. It's just frustrating. I have no formal experience so I'm selling my self the best I think I can right now.
  3. Help!! Job Search Problems!!

    I have a resume but no formal work experience. I was hoping to get a job as a receptionist preferably medical receptionist. My cousin referred me on her job I filled out an application and met the hiring agent. They seemed really happy to meet me but it's been a week and still nothing. Everyone is telling me to call more but I don't want to be a nag. BTW the position is hotel front desk. I really need this job because it's part time pays well and I could really use the extra money to help out with some college expenses.
  4. Help!! Job Search Problems!!

    I've tried Craigslist, indeed, availablejobposting, glassdoor and snagajob. I live in Jersey, idk if its the job market here but I'm not having any luck.
  5. Help!! Job Search Problems!!

    Is anyone else having trouble finding a job due to lack of experience? I've been searching for jobs since recieving ead in October and have only been on two interviews. What can I do to seem more interesting to employers?
  6. Welcome to the forums nslimmers :)