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  1. Helloo ;) From Jersey

  2. Approved

    guys hang in there ! i was sick at one point like damn fuck when am i gonna get approved im home yesterday i leave to go chill before i left i checked uscis n it still said the same thing as it does every day u no bla bla initial lol i leave n im chillin w my homie ghost n im tellin him all about my status bla bla i go on uscis so he can actually see what it was that it said n its still at the same spot as always so boom i just get dropped off im back home and i see my moms is not on the computer as usual so im like ok let me just go online i havent been on the pc in a minute lol iphones keep u busy i go to uscis n bam i got approved i was bouncing off the walls like if i won the nba championship lol and thats pretty much my story lol wish you guys the best ill update again when i get the letter they send after approval 1 love hang in there =]
  3. Approved

    Hang in there !
  4. Approved

    Bios 11.21 Approve 2.05 Here we go !
  5. Bios 11.21 been waiting since I'm at the California office
  6. Ready To Start Pullin My Hairs Off

    APPREOVE MEEEEEEE ! Lol Bios 11.21 Anyone did bios after that n already been approved ?
  7. State? City?

    Dirty Jerzyyy
  8. Social Networks

    IG freddy_1world4order6 Fb Freddy Okovic
  9. Hi :)

    Gooooooood luck lmao
  10. North Jersey

    Definitely is an awesome forum glad everyone is so easy goin lol
  11. North Jersey

    We're u from homie
  12. DREAMERS PARTY !!!!!

    I'm wit it NY all day
  13. North Jersey

    I'm Freddy Argentinian 22 man I can't wait to get my LETTER ! Lol had my bios November 21 making today exactly 2 months I was home bored and googled deferred action forums and I found this lol souped up When all this goes thru yo I'm doing big things with life banging jobs for all of us getting a Benz no matter what too lmao I'm just venting Sony have but like more than 2 friends also doing this hmu hmu my people's !
  14. Taking Too Long?

    North Jersey here bios nov 21 been waiting since I'm almost sure it's no more than those 90 days
  15. Welcome to the forums FreddyOkovic518 :)