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  1. So I Got A R.f.e. Today -___-

    Hello guys what can i do if my high school diploma is not accredited & they gave me a Rfe? I took the Ged test didnt pass but I'm gonna sign up for classes.
  2. I Am Worried About The Future Of Daca

    Well its temporary gives us time to find a solution to get our green card that will lead to citizenship.
  3. finally got a respond after 2 years & a few months now rfe!

    1. Gezinha


      2 years...and nwo an rfe!?? holy shit sorry

    2. maurocamacho


      a freaking rfe after two years? that sucks!!.

    3. Bahamagirl
  4. Has Anyone Been Waiting More Than A Year? :(

    Hello you are not alone I don't understand SAME HERE Bios were done jan2013.
  5. Anybody Waiting Since 2012?

    No i haven't either. December 2012 did bios jan2013 still waiting & every time i come on here to get answers or any comforting words no one ever replies good luck this site isn't really helpful it will definitely make a person lose hope.But i will add you as a friend & keep you posted on my issue.I called yesterday & i explained that i havr done several service request & i get to speak with a immigration officer today.
  6. Need Help Please. Much Appreciated.

    Me too and my case was sent Nebraska center also. I had my bios taken jan 2013.
  7. Aproved Today

    Congratulations you are blessed:-)
  8. Hello everyone i just dont know what to think why am i waiting so long to hear back from uscis? i have done about 7 service request & nothing.....its been 17 months & only updates was when they transferred my case & when i had a change of address i think its unfair!

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    2. ツ alejandriiukz ㋡

      ツ alejandriiukz ㋡

      well thats odd it shouldn't take that long. Maybe write to USCIS I did that with my brothers papers cause it was taking too long to even get a receipt number.

    3. Bahamagirl


      Ok thanks i will do that

    4. Bahamagirl


      Same here & people that have filed way after us has been approved i feel that it is so unfair i just wanna know something.

  9. Still Waiting

    Hello i have also been awaiting since dec 2012 i have done same service request& all still nothing my case was transferred from Vermont to Nebraska & i live in Florida......I think its unfair how they are processing cases even tho I'm happy for others!
  10. Hello i did my bios on the beginning of jan 2012...still waiting i had a few updates including case transfer.I haven't heard of this.
  11. December App Initial Review

    Mine was recieved around the same time bios was done jan 12 abour a week ago i got a text & email my case was transferred.Then i got another notice it's being processed,on Aug 22nd.
  12. Good Evening to everyone.S today i recieved a text message saying to check my status on the USCIS web site.I was so afraid to & ha d to build the courage to do so......But it was ONLY saying that my case was transferred WOW!!!!! i called and thery said that they are processsing my case.Its been almost 9 months. give me a break! But its nothing i can do about it just pray it out and wait it out!

    1. Bahamagirl


      Oh and may I add I still don't know if they will RFE from me.

    2. chris23


      That is crazy, have you done a service request?

    3. Bahamagirl


      yes I did a service request about a month ago that really didn't help me at all.

  13. just so hard not to think about this I Need a better JOB!

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    2. Gezinha


      I need A job lol. When did you send ur stuff?

    3. Gezinha


      oh boy, hopefully we can all get approved by the summer. I took my bios a month before you. Still waitiiiiiiing!!! Urghh

    4. Bahamagirl


      So Sad! what center?

  14. Anyone Applied In Late 2012? Or 2013?

    You are blessed about your service center in Texas. My application was accepted December 5 my bio was schedule for Dec 11 I went on the scheduled date.still initial review VERMONT! & I'm so nervous because everyone has been so upset about the service, they move slow.......I havent heard of any latest approvals there.& the sucky thing about it is we dont know if we will get REF that would be a few more months of waiting!
  15. I check my status about 50 times a day Lolz

    1. ツ alejandriiukz ㋡

      ツ alejandriiukz ㋡

      get the "USCIS Case Status Notifier" app :)

    2. Bahamagirl


      Okay I will find it thanks

    3. msminci
  16. Hello Bahamian From Florida

    Turned 31 on august 30th made the age deadlines! Did my biometrics on jan 11th now to wait!
  17. Hello Bahamian From Florida

    Thanks to all of you!! wow! You guys put a huge smile on my face,and the reason for this is because almost a year ago I thought I was alone in this country with this same problem.Its so hard to live this way & the waiting process seems so slow simply because were so anxious to move on with our lives & almost be normal cant wait to really make some real money and go back to school!.Even though we will all over come this there is still many opticals in life... we survived this we can survive ANYTHING! lets keep our heads up with that SUNSHINE SMILE! :-) by the way I'm from The Bahamas.
  18. Hi :)

    I would not stay in places that wont allow the DLs!
  19. Hi Am New To This.

    I dont understand why some get an answer before others.