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  1. True. Although, i just got off the phone with them and they explained that because it's pretty much impossible to go to a DMV and apply for an ID, in our case, they understand and allow deferred action applicants to use other forms of ID. Like school IDs. Took a huge weight off my shoulders.
  2. does deferred action end 2/28/2013

    almost true. Although the date on the form is an indicator of it's expiration. it doesn't mean there will simply be a new form out with a refreshed date. there's no sense behind that. It simply means that USCIC can, at any time, update their application/s with new or less information fields present after the "expiration" date. if you notice form G-1145, E-notification of Application/Petition Acceptance, it has an expiration date of may 3rd, 2012 yet it's still there and accepted by USCIS. for anyone who may be wondering exactly what that date means.
  3. Which is exactly why i was wondering if my school ID would suffice for the biometrics. But i guess i can't know for sure without contacting the office. Thanks anyways. I may indeed have to schedule to get my matricula beforehand.
  4. I recently got my appointment letter in the mail and noticed i need to bring in a photo ID. I never got a state ID or a "matricula" but i did use that school ID (at least, a copy of it) in my application, which was accepted. I'm curious, does anyone know if this will count?
  5. Welcome to the forums vic_x :)