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  1. just to let ya'll know i have kids and i perfer to get my education going to get a good job so i could have a better life with my kids and when i do all that and have money saved then ill think about taking a break and go on vacations with my kids! just saying! my family comes first!

    1. kayej87


      Mayra a lot of us have kids ...I've been a stay at home mom since my daughter was born in 2008 ...she is four yrs old n in September will be placed in 1st grade...I'm currently on vacation with her and im working ...I run my house meaning I cook ,clean,and do everything plus work a 12u hr day so if me taking a vacation cuz its gonna help me to be a better mom and wife then why not .. my family needs are always put before mine but they are always telling me ,I need to take a vacation w...

    2. mayra


      I mean a vacation always helps us but since I dnt have a job yet Im not thinking bout that right now and the reason why i dnt cuz my daughter is only 3mths I love being at home with her but when I find a job then ill start thinking bout taking a break from minnisota and go to cali and visit family

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