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  1. happy with everything around! working part-time and finally im starting college

  2. just to let ya'll know i have kids and i perfer to get my education going to get a good job so i could have a better life with my kids and when i do all that and have money saved then ill think about taking a break and go on vacations with my kids! just saying! my family comes first!

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    2. Calidreamer


      Cali will welcome you @Mayra

      I just think you shouldn't generalize 'cause we all think different 'n for some of us DACA means freedom not only to work but to go where we please. Sorry if I lost my cool before

    3. Serg4u


      having kids is cool i guess but in my world only I come first lol

    4. Luna
  3. instead of ppl thinking of traveling the world wasting money they should think about getting a good job thats wat the permit is for to get yo ass to work?!

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    2. engineer2mike


      Lol..Taramo we ll said . I mean of course we'll get ( better paid)jobs prior to traveling. I've never been on a plane before, so i'm hoping on one the 1st chance I get :)

    3. taramo35


      :* mayra kisses

    4. kayej87


      Lol you guys are funny...but mayra I understand your trying to get ur priority straight but sweetheart if all you do is work ,work and work your gonna burn urself out sweety ...your young live life a little cuz one day you are gonna look back and be like Damn I shoulda lived a little ijs.

  4. i need to go shopping but been busy...but now i have to wait for my id to get here so cnd apply for my license....yeaahh cant wait! i wish for everone of u the best

  5. i heard here in minnisota they wont give driver license but its only a rumor hope its not true....hope i find a ride on monday to the Dmv i need my id's ASAP

  6. so my ssn just got here step is taking out my id and license but wat do i need to take does anyone know

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    2. pswa83


      @mayra, they didnt when i went.. guess it all depends on the person you get.

    3. JoseG


      Here in Cali you only need your EAD and your Social Security Number.

    4. roadrunner11


      Congrats now go get yourself pretty so your license pic is awesome :)

  7. everything turn out great at the ss office on wait patiently:)

  8. im finally gonna apply for a social tomarrow....wat do i need to take?

    1. pswa83
    2. mayra


      what is it? do i go on this website?

    3. ツ alejandriiukz ㋡

      ツ alejandriiukz ㋡

      yes go to the website and print it out and read it that will tell you what you can take and don't let them give you a hard time since most of them don't know what their talking about :)

  9. for those that apply for a social....i was wondering if they charge to take it out? and how much?

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    2. Cochoz


      Hey, I work for SSN for $100 I GOT YOU!!! :D

    3. Rawf


      Cochoz please.. Go do your dirty business elsewhere! lol

    4. roadrunner11


      hahaha Rawf... Cochoz now I know why MOE won't make you contributor. :P

  10. i cant wait to apply for a s.s.n.... but ill wait till i get better then ill start on the that! la salud es primero;-)

  11. have with me my baby girl big,strong and healthy and my EAD card there is nothing else i want fot christmas....

  12. hope my EAD card gets here soon! im really happy!!!

  13. yeah! got approved today for app...I-821D!!!!! Now to wait for my I-765 to get approved hope they dnt take long?!?

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    2. REPutation


      Congradulations! It was only time. But it was worth it! Welcome haha

    3. mayra


      thank you guys for those that havent got approved good luck ure almost there its worth the wait

      @littleAxel my bios was on sep...and my case is at the nebraska center

    4. pankaj
  14. i hate USPS....dont trust it! they should be more careful with the mail...ughh!!!!

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    2. mayra


      i sent my REF i week ago and the dum usps just returned it to me saying they couldnt mail it cuz it needs more stamps... NOW i have to wait longer for approval ugghh

    3. mayra
    4. Alex


      Wow that does suck. Im sorry to hear that you have to wait longer. Just try not to think about it. I know its hard but keep busy =)

  15. Is my case status gonna change once uscis recieved my RFE??

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    2. latinagirl


      oh so you needed more proof? and you all ready send it?

    3. JoseG


      Yes, they will let you know that they have received your response

    4. mayra


      sanchez05 thanks hope it takes them at least one

      latinagirl yea i had to send more proof which sucked.... lol

      kk jose thank you;-)

  16. ........

    1. Aled


      Everything's going to be alright.

    2. mayra

      mayra just gonna let the days go bye who cares how long it takes as longest i get approved

  17. i feel like pulling out my hair...this RFE is getting stressed! its confusing?!! cans someone help me out by looking at the topic i posted...plz and thank you

  18. dang it i did get a RFE! good thing they r only asking for one year of proof....but do i have to show proof of every mth r wat? anyone?

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    2. itzel


      I gotta agree with lapancha77 on this one, if you do have something for each month mayra, I would send it in, Ive always believed that being over prepared is better than to lack..also we dont want them being jerks and sending you another RFE wanting more evidence, even after you sent in evidence....hope thats clear and not confusing..

    3. MillieP


      I don't think every month is necessary. I had no proof at all for the year 08 and 09 and all I did was send in a two rent receipts one with a random date of 2008 and one with a random date ending in 2009. But I would send as much proof as you..

    4. mayra


      thank you girls i appreciate helping me out ill see how much i can get....wish me luck

  19. hope everyone gets approved! CANT WAIT TILL I DO....

    1. Admin


      Hold your breath. :P

    2. mayra


      i try is really hard:/

  20. waiting and waiting! :(

  21. O.M.G im super nervous....i checked my case status and they want more evidence for the DACA.....Now i just have to wait for the letter they sent!? Dnt knw wat to think im freaking out

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    2. pankaj


      oh r u foorealz gurl

    3. Raul


      Did you include an affidavit in your package?

    4. mayra


      aled hope i dnt get denied im just curious to knw wat else do they want?

      pankaj yes it sucks!

      raul wats affidavit?

  22. i fell like i been waiting forever....why is nebraska taking long in approvals?

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    2. Rawf


      Mine was on Oct 5th and I got my EAD on Nov 9th! While my sister went also on Oct 5th and it is still on initial review.. anytime soon, hopefully this week :)

    3. NilviaRR


      @Meow, just hang in there! I don't know what they prioritize with, idk if you're from a state with a smaller pool of applicants it goes faster? I really have no idea... Im from Iowa? and well yea I just don't know... my file was extremely well organized lol I typed up a sheet of what every document in there was meant to prove and I separated each category in its own manila folder and I used tabs to point out dates, names, etc on documents.Not really sure to be honest! lol...

    4. NilviaRR


      Also maybe if you already graduated from high school? Who knows!

  23. 31 days and still nothing....GOD how much more do i have to wait!? But im being strong and wating patiently.......

    1. Rh_ny


      Just a little more wait :-)

    2. mayra


      i hope r u doing?

  24. humm?!!!!? i dnt knw if to count all days or only buisness days....i have to find out wats nebraskas working hrs!

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    2. Rh_ny


      Business days more likely !

    3. mayra


      my head hurts... wen i loose count i have to start all overs again! its a pain in the b***

    4. Meow


      is annoying how long have u been waiting? Thanks for the add btw

  25. hope everyone had a great halloween! Now approval hurry up and christmas!!! lol