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  1. Work Permit Expire Next Thursday The 27Th :(

    I don't know if this law will or can help you since you live in a different state ... I know it's legal in California because this is how I got my job back... my immigration lawyer found a law that works side by side with federal law. it is Incalaza v. Fendi, (it states this) the Ninth Circuit held that while federal immigration law requires that employers not continue to employ workers once the employer discovers that they are unauthorized to work, the law "does not bar an employer from suspending an employee or placing him on unpaid leave for a reasonable period of time while he remedies the deficiency in his status." the court ruled that because an employment-ineligible worker who is placed on leave without pay (or whose employment statues is suspended) is not receiving pay and is not working, the employer is not continuing to employ that individual and therefore is not violating federal immigration law. See, incalza v. fendi North America, Inc. 479 F.3d 1005 (9th Cir. 2007) I hope it helps I also have a UNION who have gone above and beyond to help me keep my job. Don't lose hope I found out this past Friday that I was approved I should have my card by the end of the week! GOOD LUCK!!
  2. I Have A Question!

    Actually for anyone who is having this problem and living in California... there is a law that goes side by side with federal law that requires Employers to wait until the case is either approved or denied. My unions immigration lawyer looked into full detail and my work by law had to reinstate me and put me on an unpaid leave of absence until my card comes in.. and I'm thrilled to say that it has been approved and I should have my physical card by the end of this week. So everything worked out great!
  3. Biometrics

    They are really behind on a lot of applications right now... they are trying to process all of the papers that where sent in first. I've been waiting almost 6 months for a response or ANY sort of update on my case I already did my biometrics in Jan and they received my papers on Nov 10 2014 so you're looking at maybe two months waiting period maybe hopefully less for an appointment.
  4. Work Permit Expire Next Thursday The 27Th :(

    The same thing happened to me man... I sent mine in and they got my paper work on Nov 10, 2014 and I got a letter that they received my papers and I got a letter to get my biometrics done on Jan. Which I went to do. My permit was up today March 17 2015. Before it expired I called them asking for the extension and they said that they can't grant extensions the only way people get them supposedly Is IF AND ONLY IF they pick up your paper work and see that your stuffs about to expire and send it to you ON THERE OWN! It's total crap. I got lucky my union ladies got the company to agree to a 30 day grace period if I get my permit within 30 days they will rehire me.
  5. I Have A Question!

    I did call and I got one guy who was a total asshole excuse the language. The first guy I spoke with was no help he legit just said they don't give extensions... SO I called back later and I lady helped she told me to go here which I did and I typed out a whole thing explaining everything but when I clicked submit it said that my papers are still within the time allowed so I can't request anything. I called them BACK asking why it's telling me that they told me that because they pretty much have loopholes that they can use. Even though they have had my paper work for over 120 days there's nothing I can do they said that if they look at my stuff they MAY send me a 120 day extension but that my processing time is still within the time frame for where I sent my paper work. They said the only way I can request an extension is IF and when they show on the website that they have started working on a date after the date they received my paperwork so for example they got my stuff on Nov 10, 2014 if they start working on Nov 11 2014 then I can submit the request. even though this is what shows up on their website .... of DACA III. Renewal of DACA Q49: When should I file my renewal request with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)? A49: USCIS strongly encourages you to submit your Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) renewal request between 150 days and 120 days before the expiration date located on your current Form I-797 DACA approval notice and Employment Authorization Document (EAD). Filing during this window will minimize the possibility that your current period of DACA will expire before you receive a decision on your renewal request. If you have filed your renewal request at least 120 days before your deferred action expires and USCIS is delayed in processing your renewal request, USCIS may provide you with DACA and employment authorization for up to an additional 120 days. USCIS’ current goal is to process DACA renewal requests within 120 days. However, you may submit an inquiry about the status of your renewal request after it has been pending more than 105 days. To submit an inquiry online, please visit Please Note: USCIS will not provide any such short-term deferred action and employment authorization when USCIS is delayed in reaching a final decision on your renewal request because, for example: 1) of factors within your control (such as failure to file the renewal request within the suggested timeframe or filing an incomplete renewal request); 2) additional time is needed to resolve issues with background or security checks in your case; and/or 3) your renewal submission contained evidence that you may not satisfy the DACA renewal guidelines and USCIS must send you a request for additional information or explanation. I work for RiteAid corp. not the small stores but the actual corp. and now I've been fired as of today. The company is willing to wait 30 days to see if I can get my permit within those 30 days then I will be allowed to come back without penalties or changes to my job. I NEED ANY SORT OF HELP! PLEASE. My union hired an immigration lawyer to help as well.
  6. I Have A Question!

    I haven't been on here in a LONG while but the last time I was everyone was very helpful. I thought maybe you guys could give me some advice or input. I sent my renewal paperwork and they received it on Nov 10, 2014 I received the letters showing that they have everything and are reviewing my case then I received my Biometric letter so I went to do my Biometrics I don't recall the date but I believe it was on Jan 10 ish around that time. It's now March 7th 2015 and I haven't gotten any letters or updates online I've even called and reached out to their other department to try and push my paperwork up because my card is going to expire on the 17th of march and I'm going to lose my job. I got the union at my work involved and they are going to meet with an immigration lawyer to try and help but any other information would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Getting A Social

    I got mine today as well and I'm going to the SS Office tomorrowwwww :3
  8. After Receiving The Notice

    thank you very much
  9. After Receiving The Notice

    Yea I got a letter in the mail saying I'm approved but I haven't gotten my actual Card with my picture on it! I was wondering If I could use the card they sent me to go get a SSN ?
  10. So I Think I'm Approved !

    well they have 60 Days to get back to you on the RFE ><! I would say call them after 60 days ! Hope it goes well though!!
  11. So I Think I'm Approved !

    Thank you SOO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT ><! I almost started crying when I read that !!!! Today is the best day ever!!!
  12. So today I got a text saying my status has changed and I checked and it says: card/ document production (it is colored in blue) But the other ones are not highlighted in blue or anything it says this (let me know if you guys know what this means? Thanks!): On March 18, 2013, we ordered production of your new card. Please allow 30 days for your card to be mailed to you. If we need something from you we will contact you. If you move before you receive the card, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283.
  13. So I Got A R.f.e. Today -___-

    well I kinda fell off the grid after I grad. high school and I never got like a bank account or had like a job never used a fake ssn or anything like that so all my proof is all circumstantial. So I can understand why they are asking me for those years.
  14. Thank you sir!!! akdfjalk You have no Idea how much this helps :DDD