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  1. Application!!! Help

    What did the RFE ask for?
  2. I Was Approved

    Thanks guys. I got my employment card today and I took off running and went an apply for my SSN today too. Hopefully I get it next week
  3. Two Rfe's???

    RFE mean Request For Evidence. USCIS send these latter out of you didn't send in enough evidence.
  4. College Problem

    OK thanks. What is the difference between DACA and EAD?
  5. College Problem

    No, we are from nyc
  6. My friend was approved for docs so she apply for financial aid and was approved. But when she went to the college they told her she can't get in because she don't have her green card. Can they do that.
  7. Denial Becuz...

    Call them and let them know this was your lawyer fault and then sue his ass.
  8. Need Some Help Here.

    Younger people get approves faster because the evidence that they send in for the past five years show that they where in school from 07-12. Anyone who wasn't in school didn't have a job, or kids those years,in and out of hospital etc.... have a harder time proving that they were in the USA from 07-2012 on uninterrupted.
  9. Rfe Question.

    If am missing one month out of the year, will that hurt me?
  10. Rfe Question.

    Thanks guys. I let you know how things turn out. My rfe is in the mail so I don't know what year they want me to prove yet.
  11. Rfe Question.

    No I didn't send in anything yet. But they just proved that they were born on that day for that month. It don't cover the hole year.
  12. Rfe Question.

    My rfe was mail out to me today and I was wondering if I can also use my kids doctor appointment to prove I was in the USA from 08-12? My kids are 4yrs and 7months.
  13. Rfe Help

    After receiving your RFE, did your case status updated on the USCIS website?