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  1. Califorina Area Biometrics

    I live in the san fransicso area and I was wondering if anyone else has any idea how it goes on in there. I got my appointment next week! Excited
  2. I-765 Worksheet Question

    What did you guys put for this? I neeed more answers!!
  3. So what did you guys put for your annual income, annual expenses, etc? I am wondering what if you worked under the table and get paid cash? This above???
  4. I was wondering if I can apply for a bank account at a local bank? Maybe just a small branch? What banks can I do it at and what information will I need? I am an overstay, so passport is expired. Whats next?
  5. Whats your favorite soda to drink? I personally love the orange fanta. Normally I have around 5-6 cans of fanta everyday, even though I am in perfect shape (lol). So whats your favorite soda?
  6. I saw this game and I thought it would be fun. To see if we can count to 20 before a staff member. I think we only have one, so it might be easy? If he/she posts before we get to 20, we have to start over. Topic will be locked if we achieve it.
  7. Waiting for Deferred Action!

  8. Hi, I'm Jamal

    Hello everyone, my name is jamal. I come from the bottom (meek millz), just kidding. I am from Hawaii. I came here as a child when I was 8 years old. I had not heard of a place called United States of America until my parents said it was time to go. Now im 18 and I can't wait for the deferred action. I'll be able to do the things my friends can do and finally start my life. Btw, my english not that good. :/