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  1. Okay, so i currently go to a community college in illinois (where i live). i applied to the nursing program there and unfortunately, i didn't get accepted. i'm not giving up so i'll apply again in August. However, as a precaution (and a smart idea) i'm looking at other places to transfer to. I don't even know where to start. Do I keep looking at other community colleges, cause it's cheaper? or here is my actual main question: Can i apply to four year schools, and can i even get any type of financial aid? Money is the biggest obstacle here honestly. if i do transfer it will be for the next spring semester or even fall 2014. any advice would be helpful! thanks -Rocio
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    uhm.. that gif.. is a bit disturbing.. haha heres another song i reallly like
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    instagram/twitter - rociomagdalenaa follow me (:
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    this song has no words.. but i love it so much. i picture so much when i listen to it. favorite song ever.
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    good good song
  6. Illinois Dream Act

    Would someone mind explaining it and how it works? And does it mean its only for taking out loans from the bank? Or yea, just how it works
  7. Are My Parents The Only Ones?

    You all are making sense. I mean what it has come down to me thinking and deciding is: looking for someone who us working towards their dreams and goals. Someone who will also push me to pursue my dreams.
  8. Okay, so for my job, I started working there in april of 2011. I gave them a fake ss# .I filed my taxes with an ITIN . after I got my ss# i didn't let my employer know and I haven't given them my new ss#. When filing taxes this year what should I do? I know that the ITIN won't be valid, so I'd have to use my new ss#, but will that work since I haven't used it yet?
  9. College Application Help :) Thanks

    Thank you so much @roadrunner11 I feel so stuck cause I can't find any scholarships. And I will be going to talk to my financial aid advisor this week.
  10. Are My Parents The Only Ones?

    It's amazing that we all think alike. After reading all of your replies I do agree. It does make sense. I work at a Mexican restaurant and I meet sooo many people. Some have asked out on dates, and I've accepted. For instance, this guy stood out the most. Okay he was born here. However... He doesn't speak English because he spent moat of his live in Mexico. He's 19, like me. And he doesn't go to school. (This blows me! You have so many opportunities and you don't take advatage of it!) And thirdly he doesn't even work. His dad owns multiple restaurants so he just gets money from that. It's not always about legal.status, its about bettering yourself. Like what could he offer me? Nothing.
  11. Hey From Brooklyn!

    Welcome and good luck! I just joined and I love this community so much. I'm sure you'll like it too!! (:
  12. 1. I can't really say it has affected my love life. Ive told my ex boyfriend that i was not born in the US but, im not sure if he really figured out i wasnt legal. 2. socially.. well before it was the driving thing. all my friends had their license and i didnt. i felt like an outcast cause they would all show each other their pictures and what not. but, after we graduated HS i started driving anyway. financially.. i would have to say school wise. we cant really go into the college of our dreams cause of costs and what not. it kinda hurts me alot. 3. i have lived a double life haha. theres only like a few people ive told that i met in school that i know have no connection to my regular friends so my regular freinds wouldnt know. it's kind of sad. i always wonder how my best friends would act if i told them.. what would their parents think since they are like my second parents. would they look down upon my family? upon me? would things even change? i dont know. i dont want to know. at work everyone knows. everyone there is undocumented to i know they understand. and they root me on knowing that i have big dreams. 3. ive kept it a secret to all my close friends that i feel that things might change if i told them.. 4. I just want to go to a good school and have a career.
  13. Are My Parents The Only Ones?

    Ever since I started dating my parents always told me that i should be careful of who I date. I always argued with them (i was maybe a freshman in HS) that having a boyfriend did not mean i was gonna marry them blah blah. growing up.. they still tell me the same thing (repetition is their parenting style), and I agree with them. Now that i am older i understand that you do fall in love and so on and so on. However, their main point was that i should better myself. For example, they always told me that i should not date (shouldn't is a bit harsh.. isnt it?) someone who is also undocumented. They have engraved in my brain that we came to the united states to better our life, so why should i pursue someone that is on the same level as i am, and can't offer me any more than they can. I mean.. it kind of makes sense right? they chose to bring us here to better ourselves and it would be kind of redundant to not keep moving forward. any who.. im kind of stuck between both sides. the side they have taught me and the side where it's judgmental and unfair. what do you think? are my parents the only ones? forgot to add something very important... shouldnt date those who arennt betterinng themselves.
  14. Hello From Chicago!

    lol i didnt even notice!
  15. Hello From A White-Afro-Venezuelan From Orlando :)

    welcome! i'm new too and I am in love with everyone here too!