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  1. Applying for jobs?

    I did all my job applications online.
  2. State ID's and DL's validity

    In Texas, I got my license and its only for 2 years. I still need to go apply for my Texas ID though.
  3. Credit Declined

    Thanks guys, I'm applying for a Wells Fargo CC since my parents have been clients there for a while and can co-sign there. If not, then I'll get a Capital One Secured CC.
  4. So I opened a Chase account like a month ago and I tried to open a credit card account so I can build my credit score (currently at 0). I got denied right away. I was reading the forums and some people got their credit cards approved with Bank of America. Is it bad to have more than 2 checking accounts? I can open one at Bank of America and try to apply for the credit card. I also applied for Macy's and JcPenny's and also got declined. Does anyone know why this happened? Thanks
  5. Getting your I.D. in Texas

    I got my driver's license already. All you need to do is show 2 proofs of residence here in US, SS, employment card, and need to pass the online education courses, usually around 6 hours and $40-60. After that you go to your local DMV office and apply there. For proof of residence I took my college transcript (make sure address is in it) and the letter I got from USCIS where it said I was approved. You can also take a bank statement and other things. Once you pass the online class you need to pass the driving exam and pay a $25 fee at the DMV. After that you receive a temporary driver license the day you take your driving exam. Wait 2-3 weeks and receive your DL in the mail. Its that Easy!
  6. Welcome to the forums Gir_0 :)