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  1. So i had my biometrics in nov of 2012, was sent out an RFE in May of 2013, and denied January 8th of 2014. I however was caught using a fake to work and consequently arrested for felony identity theft. We settled in court and was able to reduce it to a misdemeanor of forgery. Was a tough difficult case because i was caught right after i sent out the application. I had to get recommendation letters from priest that knew me, professors, and community people whom know of the work i have done since i was young at a non profit where i help kids stay away from gangs. I turned to my congressman to help me manuever through uscis and his aides said that there wouldn't be any problem and if there was then we would fight it. As you may imagine im completely devastated because on top of this my father lost his job yesterday and i dont know what coming my way, i have one more year left in school to receive my bachelors in Information Tech and if worse comes to worse my degree could be in jeopardy. Help guys?
  2. Denied...what To Do Next?

    Thanks for the help guys. I got arrested for using fakes, actually didn't happen until after i sent out my application. I got stuck with a misdmeanor and according to the paper i received i got denied because of the "significant" misdemeanor. I'm going to meet up with my congressmans aide to see what can we do, i can sure reapply for it because maybe i got a strict officer, but maybe as for now i will not because it has stressed me out and im so close to finishing my bachelors. Will keep everybody updated. Thanks again.
  3. My brother applied in may and went foe boimetrics in mid june....he just got approved a week ago, im not mad, AND i sent application in october!!
  4. So my brother went for biometrics on the 17th of june and i received his Approval Notice today july 10th :/ I sent my rfe on june 4th and still nothing....i been waiting since october (sent app) and my bios in late November. Im super happy for my brother and sister (she also got approved last month). Im super stressed because my congressional aid called me on June 13th and said i was approved and my card would be mailed....til this day nothing. No card, jo status change... :'(
  5. 18 Days After Bios...approved!

    My brother is just 15 and we came here when he was just 3 months old
  6. 18 Days After Bios...approved!

    He was in Texas Service Center. Here is the trick though, the congressional aid filled it out for him and sent it through their mail. According to her, congressional mail gets filtered and taken care of quicker.
  7. My sister had the same issue. Instead of saying Hernandez hers said Herenandez. Our congressman aid contacted USCIS and gave them proof that her name wasnt Herenandez but Hernandez and sure enough the officer replied and said that he had made a mistake and gave us the address wherebto send it back and two weeks after she got hers corrected.
  8. Wow, skydiving??! Let me know how that goes, i would love to do that!! And be careful in the motorcycle!!!
  9. Cdl

    I dont see any trouble getting one, unless in NC they didnt issue dl's to daca receipients
  10. State License?

    Im in Illinois and a friend of mine will start teaching in Chicago Public Schools next year, not sure of the licensing is the same for a daycare...
  11. Racist Pricks

    No, its not out of context. Thats who he is, why would he wear some baggy jeans and a tshirt if he is a charro. Its like if Lil Wayne shows up as a ranchero if he is a rapper. No one dounts his talent, awesome kid and maturity level is sky high.
  12. Racist Pricks

    People in San Antonio were actually asking the Spurs to invite him to sing the Anthem for game 4 and for everyone to bring sombreros to support him and fight the racism
  13. Racist Pricks

    Brought me chills when i heard it. People are asking the Spurs to invite him to sing for the next game. It would mean a whole lot if they did invite him again. There is always those who are going to like us, the only thing we can pray for them and let diosito take care of them.
  14. Still Waiting

    Remeber, 30-45 working days I got that response about a month and a half ago and i received an rfe two weeks ago, sent it right the next day and they received it last week, now its just waiting
  15. Ead With Mispelled Name?

    My sister just got her EAD this past weekend and her last name was mispelled. What should she do? Thanks in advance!!
  16. Ead With Mispelled Name?

    Thanks man, always so helpful!
  17. Ead With Mispelled Name?

    Has anyone encountered this? We were all super exited until the end of the day we realized the last name was mispelled :/
  18. New Member From Il

    Texas has had my case collecting dust since november, dont count on texas being quick, just coincidence and a lot of luck
  19. I was waiting since november until this past tuesday that i got an rfe...i hadnt check uscis website for two weeks. So heres the deal, they wanted more proof of identity because my consulate card was clear enough amd my passport expired with my visa 12 odds years ago. Then they wanted transcripts from university because verification of enrollment wasnt enough, then they wanted my transcripts from high school because i graduated from an "institute" not from a public scho9ol, then they wanted more info about misdemenor that happened a couple days after i received my receipt from daca and employment authorization. You would think, that if i am in a university i graduatrd high school? Lol and yes i did graduate from an institute high school that happens to be one of the most expensive schools to go into in the city, its a catholic school for gods sake! And then about my misdemeanor i had to send court dispositions...took me a matter of hours to get everything together, took it to my congressmans aide and she verefied everything and sent it out in next day fed mail. Now im just waiting for an aproval, if it i get aproved the 13th of june it would signify the forces in the universe lined up for me!
  20. Financial Aid Living In Illinois

    My shool, CSU, is very affordable Rocio. But as in all four year colleges, you cant apply for the nursing program without a established GPA. You have to see which school fits you best. My school's tuition is in the 4-5 grand/semester and beleive me its more affordable than UIC or other 4 year institution. The basic requirement would be a 3.0 and be at a sophomore status. And about financial aid, you have to see the illinois dream fund as well as other non profit organizations distributing private money for daca receiptients or undocumented students.
  21. Please, before you do anything do some research andake sure that congressman supports daca or dream act
  22. Nov 26th for bios...still nothing I havent checked for weeks, it'll come eventually
  23. Misdemeanors

    Yeah man, we all make bad choices, we are human, its within our nature. What people cant seebin those applications is that we are genuine good people, we come here to make a positive difference, to change our people and to give a hand to those who need one. Hope all of us get accepted for this is the only land we call home. I write to this saddened in a sense because i thought my 23rd birthday would have been a different one, now im more consumed by this process than th day i lost my dearest friend.
  24. Misdemeanors

    Yeah driving without license is not considered an offense for daca. Though failure to id may be viewed as obstruction...there is a million and one things that are considered moral turpritude which will disqualify someone but dont quote me on anything
  25. Misdemeanors

    I had a case with a misdemeanor too, haven't been aproved yet, its been since nov that i went for bios, my attorney said the same thing as posted here, it depends how uscis wants to interpret the misdemeanor, as significant or not. Either way, i have set my mind that i have about a yr of probation left and then sweet home mexico with my college degree. Im not being pessimistic but realistic, whatever happens nimodo, throughout my life the doors have closed for me, but after all god opens new doors for me to walk through and for that im thankful. Yeah unfortunately some of us hit rock bottom trying to bring bread to the table for our families.