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  1. I Been Approved =>

    App sent october 3 Biometrics october 30 got an rfe may 15 I needed more evidence for 2012 I responded to the rfe may 29 Approved june 5 thank you!ยก
  2. I Been Approved =>

    Congratulations fresita finally u got approved
  3. I Been Approved =>

  4. I Been Approved =>

    On june 5 I got approved on my I821D I didn't get no text message or email from theyre website and I did signed up for it, I was notified only by the USCIS case status app I downloaded and I received the letter yesterday june 7th but im still waiting on my I765 to be approved :/ it still only says that "my name has been updated"
  5. October 2012 Cases

    Hi fresita im pretty sure your next watch, it updated about an hour ago again and its a request for evidence it says they mailed me a letter :/ now I just wait to see what I was missing.....
  6. October 2012 Cases

    It was an rfe it just updated again
  7. October 2012 Cases

    Im from october also I sent my app october 3 and took my bios on october 30th laguna niguel on may 15 I received a message stating that my named had been updated idk what that means
  8. Waiting...

    Lol right? I even downloaded the uscis case status app to check it faster lol
  9. Waiting...

    Thanks good luck to you too yeah hopefully x) I want that blue bubble to move lol
  10. Waiting...

    You got approved today!! Congratulations
  11. Waiting...

    I know I hate how some people that applied later as early as dec or jan got approved already smh I am clean as a whistle on my record
  12. Still Waiting

    I hate this wait october 30 also thought you would be approved by know fresita :/
  13. Waiting...
  14. Waiting...

    Your still a long way from 4 months you've only waited 51 working days so far i've been waiting sience october 30th (bios) 69 working days :/
  15. Waiting For A While Now

    I don't think anybody has the answer as to why I'm on the same page as you my bios we're on october and I'm still on initial review with no criminal background or anything of that matter :/