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  1. Today I chec my status and it said they received my rfe today how long are most people waiting to get approved after the receive it..
  2. Rfe Help!!!!!!

    Just got my rfe today and its asking me for evidence from Oct.2007 through Aug. 2008... Oct 2008 Through May 2009....Nov 2009 through june 15 2012 was wondering, am I suppose to send something for every month...
  3. went to apply for my social today :)

    1. Calidreamer


      Yay!!! To infinity and beyond!

  4. Already Receive The Card

    I just got it today 2 but I have a question for those of you with a middle name did they put your middle name on your card or just the initial mine just has my initial.
  5. I just checked my status and I got approved :)

  6. more than 3 Weeks since they received my RFE and still nothing :/

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    2. jose2pac0_8


      When were they closed

    3. pswa83


      what service center??

      and who was closed??

    4. roadrunner11


      Stay calm you are really close :)

  7. more than 2 Weeks since they received my RFE and still nothing...

    1. marco12


      yeah u are not the only one this friday I am going to have a month since I sent my RFE

    2. Calidreamer


      OMG! I know what happened! They were closed due to pluming issues, so there is a big delay sorry budy, but at least you know they have it.

  8. I hope I get approved this week....

    1. sunshine


      i hope u get approve esta week jose:)

    2. jose2pac0_8
  9. calidreamer u lost $5 I didn't get approved this week.

    1. Calidreamer


      Okay okay! Double or nothing!!

    2. jose2pac0_8
  10. Has anyone been approved today..

  11. they received my rfe March 27 and I still haven't been approved

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    2. jose2pac0_8


      Calidreamer lol tomorrow is Friday lol

    3. Calidreamer


      But the week ends on Sunday!!

    4. jose2pac0_8


      But,the don't work weekends do they

  12. Finally Approved!

    I am still waiting to get approved they received my rfe last week on the 27
  13. Finally Approved!

  14. march 27 they received my RFE I hope I get approved this week

    1. Calidreamer


      $5 you get approved this week :D

    2. jose2pac0_8
  15. How Long After Rfe To Get Approved

    Hope its soon and thank you..
  16. I just checked my status online and I says they got my rfe a c its being processed I hope I get approved

  17. I send my rfe on Friday I hope I get approved this time...

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    2. jose2pac0_8
    3. marco12


      good luck I send mine a week ago :)

    4. jose2pac0_8


      Good luck to you 2 hope we get approved soon

  18. Rfe Help!!!!!!

    i think an affidavit is my only choice because im missing info from nov 2008 - may 09 and nov, dec of 09 i didnt work and i couldnt find anything i can use for these dates..
  19. Rfe Help!!!!!!

    my mother in law was renting a room for me and my wife in 2007 can that count ?
  20. Rfe Help!!!!!!

    oh ok well thanks a lot for the info.
  21. Rfe Help!!!!!!

    they were all just copies right...
  22. Rfe Help!!!!!!

    won't they just think you are lying on the date if you added on yourself..
  23. Rfe Help!!!!!!

    what if they are not dated
  24. Rfe Help!!!!!!

    and u were talking about pictures can u send pictures and in 2009 i was still using myspace LOL....
  25. Rfe Help!!!!!!

    and do the affidavits have to notarized so it canbe valid or canhit just be like a regulat letter or how does that work