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  1. After Obama's Inaguration...

    Good luck with a divided Congress and Stubborn Teaparty Republicans, we'll be lucky if anything gets passed this year
  2. Biometrics on 10/01/12 or after

    Sometimes its best if you contact them after a certain period of time, i just had my bio done today even though i received my recipt notice the first week of september so i contacted them and made an inquiry a week ago and they finally sent my appointment saying we noticed we hadnt sent out your biometrics appointment lol vermont ofcourse lol when dealing with these people cases fall behind due to either laziness or number of people infront of you
  3. :] thanks this is the first time ive told anyone else other than the girl im talking to lol

    New jersey in the house lol what part are you from?
  5. Ive always been a very private secretive person about my personal life, i came here in the third grade in 1997 on a tourist visa been here ever since just a couple of years ago when i finally thought id get my papers Immigration goes and messes it up and sends my Documents to My home Country and basically says oops we didnt know you were here in the US so id have no other choice but to go back to Kenya to get interviewed so i could get my Papers and no gurantee id come back lol non of the friends ive had all my life even now (24) have ever known about my situation and still dont know lol i know personally ive loved it this way ive managed to have a somewhat normal social life but at the same time its difficult when you cant always go out with your friends, or cant make it to Birthday Events because ever since i lost my passport ive been canceling so many thigs and giving excuses, ive always been afraid to tell people because i never want sympathy or pitty ive managed to stay sane and no one who knows me would suspect my struggle its been hard to get into relationships, do simple everyday things with friends, progress financially etc etc i always felt like i was the only one in this position, ive only ever told one girl my situation and she didnt even care and still doesent but what about you guys and Gals.. How has undocumetned status affected your love life? How has undocumented status affected your financial and social life? Do you come out with it or have you kept it a secret and lived a double life so to speak lol.. Have you ever had a hard time breaking it to your friends or just lived in silence like i have what are certain things youve always wished youve wanted to do through out your life, P.S im glad i could share and vent to like minded people and people going through this same situation i am going through :] Happy Holidays..i hope the best for you all
  6. Really Important!

    When dealing with Immigration its best never to get your hopes up what i always do is, if they tell me something is going to come or happen in 3 months i assume that means 4-5 months always be patient and just overestimate so you wont get you hopes up, when dealing with these people it can go both ways these dates are never that acurate you might even hear from them before that, it all depends on how many cases are ahead of you.. good luck. hope things go well
  7. why? why? why...

    Thanks and no problem good luck to you too now we can all hopefully move on with our lives much easier lol.
  8. why? why? why...

    Thank You :] its like i think they literally forgot or something the letter said USCIS contacted us and let us know that we didnt send out your notice or something like that lol smh i feel like i should have said something earlier but thats what happens when you deal with Government Buracracy. But thanks again i appreciate it.
  9. why? why? why...

    stay optimistic bro they received my my case on Aug 28th and they just sent my bio appointment notice this week after i made an inquiry 4 months later, but at least i got it now.. Vermont Center is pretty slow..
  10. My biometrics appointment is is next monday the 24th, any idea of how long i should expect all the other steps to come into play?
  11. Hey everyone i finally received my biometrics appointment after 4 months -___- yea i know i think they had literally forgot to send it out untill i made an inquiry but anyway i have an expired Passport with an outdated photo of me as a child im missing my current passport and my appointment is next monday can i take my expired Passport would they accept that??
  12. My USCIS Case status says theyve received my !765 application, August 28th 2012 then my Recipt notice followed a week later in the mail but my Biometrics Appointment never came, i know most people received it the first week of September, and i feel like i am the only one still waiting for it i contacted USCIS and they said theyll notify Vermont and Vermont Service Center will notify me in 15 days on whats my current case status,what could be the reason for this hold up, i contacted a lawyer 8 days ago and he said to be patient within the next few weeks i should get something because there has been a surge of DACA filings since the elections and USCIS could not add additional Personell to process the cases and they started to fall behind,i filed everything correctly i was already accepted what could be causing the hold up why do i feel like im the only one still waiting for BIO appointment months later :[
  13. Hey Everyone im new here and im worried -__-

    I Applied by Myself with the help of my dad have all the documents all the evidence they accepted everything, so they havent even sent me a request for evidence yet but ive been on initial review on my case status and i know if you miss your appointment you get rejected but i havent even received anything in the mail yet....i dont know whats going on im super worried ...
  14. Hello hope your all doin well, but i have a question am i worrying to much about this or not? My application was accepted On August 28, 2012, i received the recipt the same week and since then ive been waiting for my Biometrics appointment what gives? every blog ive checked i havent found one person who hasnt received their biometrics appointmet yet ive been waiting since September when i got the recit :[ i contacted some lawyers and all they said was you should have gotten it by now and to contact USCIS which i did last Thursday and they told me they sent a notice to Vermont NVC and that they would contact me in 15 days so hopefully sometime after Christmas, this is what one of the Lawyers said 8 days ago. ."Within the next few weeks. Be patient. There has been a surge in these DACA case filings since the elections and USCIS which could not add additional personnel to process these cases has started falling behind a bit." should i be worried or are their others who might not have received their biometrics appointment during the first week of September?? Good Luck to everyone...
  15. Welcome to the forums dennis8648 :)