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  1. question about California DL

    If you never had a license they will require you to take drivers ed
  2. Vermont Center

    Request for evidence
  3. Question

    I'm in the same boat. I work for a huge motel chain and I really don't want to change my info and go through the embarrassment of admitting I'm working under fake papers. I think I will give my two weeks file my taxes and find a new job with my ssn and EAD.... Too bad it's easier said than done.
  4. Well when I filled out my application I sent medical records school records, and pay stubs that did not have a ssn number on them. Thank god my mom is a paper hoarder and kept all of mine and my sisters pay stubs. I had a pay stub from the first place I worked at all the way to my current job.
  5. I bought a 2013 Suzuki and now looking for a better job. We all know we can't pay our bills making only 8.43 and hour
  6. social security number daca

    I went to the one in Provo Utah
  7. Rejection.

    This happened to my sister because she signed her paper work with BLUE INK. MAKE SURE you do it all in BLACK INK
  8. Help on college stuff :(

    Your a non resident alien
  9. Ead or just social security

    It could also happen if they did e-verify and you didn't enter your name just as it appears on your ssn and EAD. I've seen people get denied for that at the place I work at.
  10. When I went to the DMV the guy told up front that my license was a limited term license. I think most of us should be greatful that we are allowed to get license. Lets complain about racism when we get residency and people treat us differently.
  11. re-applying after 2 years!

    I wonder if schooling will be a requirement for renewing. Like we gave you a chance to do something with your life prove to us what you did with this opportunity type of think. I personally am considering to take a trade like phlebotomy to help pay for school and such.

    I live in Utah were we had a thing called a driving previllage card. Just like a DL but we had to renew every year. Anyways when I had my EAD and my SSN I took the Form I-797 plus two pieces of mail. Took all that and walked out an hour later. Well after the 28 fee for renewing.
  13. I want a pair of beats or Sony x headphones
  14. social security number daca

    It depends on location, I applied on a Monday and received mine on Friday. I thought it was weird but I was grateful