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  1. I went today, everything went smooth ..very fast...just take ur birth certificate, and the work permit. Also matricula or passport just in case. they just put ur info into the system ask like 3 or 4 basic questions after they give u a paper saying in two weeks ull get the ss if not jist lets is know. I say just go, I mean if they are not ready meaning if ur info its not avaliable just go back another day. Good luck.

    thanks ill go then

  2. Thank you Me15** ... I have to agree with Cesarito90 on the waiting progree is take a bit for ever. But all we can do is wait and hope for the best. I send out my R.F.E back to them so hopefully i have enough proof. I had a bit of a trouble for 2009 so i got letters so hopefully they will accpet it :( ... But now i have to wait another 60 days to find out if im approve or accepted. Just hope they dont send back the R.F.E looking for more proof :/ thats my biggest worry. Dont have anything esle to show really

    hey be happy ur almost there be patient ill be praying for u and everyone else

  3. Omg ive been hearing this in the news its kind of frustrating why can they just leave us alone a mean most of the people that are us citizens don't even want to work most of the people i know they just sit around and do nothing and us that just want to be able to work and provide for our love ones

  4. On june 5 I got approved on my I821D :P I didn't get no text message or email from theyre website and I did signed up for it, I was notified only by the USCIS case status app I downloaded and I received the letter yesterday june 7th :) but im still waiting on my I765 to be approved :/ it still only says that "my name has been updated"

    congratz i was just approved yesterday dont worry ill update da same thing happen to me

  5. Thanks everyone i don't have enough words to express how i feel i couldn't even sleep of excitement and happiness thank you to everyone who has help me through this hard months and thanks to this forum that made me feel as if i had a second family who cared for me thank you and to all who are waiting your time time will come sooner or later but it will again thank you and i love u guys :)