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Status Updates posted by Fresita22

  1. Just applied for my ID soooo happy:)

    1. latinagirl


      Congratulationsssss so happy for you ;)

  2. Yay just received my social security card but it says authorize to work with dhs approval in big big letters lol

  3. Whent to apply for my social and the receipt they gave me it said i had to wait up to 4 weeks to get my card is this normal?

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    2. Audiocrazy20


      I believe most are told 2 weeks. I was told 4 weeks because my name was incorrect. And I received exactly 4 weeks later.

    3. JoseG


      When your information is verified with DHS the moment you went to applied, your receipt will say that you will receive your SSN in 2 weeks. If your information isn't verified, your receipt will say 4 weeks because your information has to be manually sent out and verified with DHS.

    4. miguel2013


      it takes 5 days from the day u apply they tell u 1-2 does not take that long

  4. Just waiting for my card to arrive i already have a tracking number so anxious lol thanks to everyone that has helped me and given me advice to keep on going no matter what obstacles i had infront of me i love guys :)

  5. omg i just got approved it says my card is under production yayyyyy im happyyyy thanks to everyone to help my wait be easier thank you

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    2. Rica1993



    3. Fresita22


      Thank guys for ur best wishes

    4. Fresita22


      Thank guys for ur best wishes

  6. Still waiting............

  7. So feef up with this waiting really im just so upset

    1. edwin89


      the waiting sucks but i know you will get approved soon! stay possitive!

  8. Still under initial review

  9. Hoping for a new beginning :)

    1. analee02
    2. Calidreamer


      Don't loose hope!

    3. marisol143


      any news on your case, have u got approved???

  10. so happy to see alot of approvals this week congratz to all and make the most out of it

    1. analee02


      bien por todos los aprobados =) ! y nosotros seguimos en la larga espera =/

  11. So sad just checked my status and still under initial review this sucks ugggh

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    2. lyssa


      Hang in there girly, It WILL come! have faith! : )

    3. Jvv602


      My i-821d was approved but no my i-765 all we have to do is wait!!;-)

    4. LALY86


      i know the feeling =(

  12. Yay im so happy for the second day i havent checked my status i

    1. Calidreamer


      We should get some sobriety chips lolz

      Keep it up :D

    2. Heisenberg2
  13. Dam this f******* waiting im not login in anymore

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    2. analee02
    3. erika020


      how long have you been waiting??

    4. Fresita22


      I have been waiting since october when i took my dam bios

  14. Im determined to not check the status of my case

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    2. engineer2mike


      I agree !! It's hard to not to check :(

    3. srs


      mee too not checking good luck girl

    4. marisol143


      i was like that but i always end up checking it.....cant help it im despreed too....God pls hle us, all of us.

  15. Initial review initial review F************ u i hate this

  16. So happy for the recent approvals

  17. Need to keep my hopes up :(

    1. Karry Perez
    2. jimenezerika


      it will come i was just like that even that morning i check my status and nothing then i went back later that day to check and saw my status had change , it comes when you least expect it have hope :)

      i hope both of yall get approve :)

  18. Not my day :( been so bummed thanks for not approving me yet

    1. REPutation


      Hun you haven't been denied, so don't do that to yourself. Have faith n try focusing on other things, okay?

    2. x0_michy


      ^ agreed. You haven't been denied, so that's more than enough reason to be positive. Try to focus on another things, and I promise when you least expect it, the wonderful news will hit you :D You waited this long.. just a little bit longer.

  19. nothing yet...getting a little sad

    1. jimenezerika


      me too am sad but hopefully soon will get it :)

    2. jimenezerika


      me too am sad but hopefully soon will get it :)

    3. erika22


      I know what you mean I'm not that excited as I was when I applied!

  20. another day and nothing

    1. meltop80


      when did you do your bio??

    2. mz.lili