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  1. Hello, My Name Is Fernando. This Is My Story

    Be patient it'll be worth it not only for you but for your little girl. Good luck
  2. Updates...

    Glad to know you're on a good track congratulations. Sadly I'm having difficulties getting a job since I'm a mother and student. It's hard trying to do all three..
  3. After Receiving The Notice

    I have received everything now and all I'm waiting for is to get my license.
  4. After Receiving The Notice

    Ok thank you and I'm 17 so do I have to take my mom with me to get the SSN?
  5. After Receiving The Notice

    I got my birth certificate already ! I'm going for the SSN tomarrow. I don't have a passport but I have my school ID. And I was told that any bill at my name could help for proofs. But when one of my friends went for her SSN and they told her at the office that she had to wait 15 after receiving her notice.
  6. After Receiving The Notice

    Yeah it does but I'm having one sent from Mexico it should be here next week. And no I don't a passport.
  7. After Receiving The Notice

    Well since the letter said I would have to wait to be approved for the Employment Authorization Card. I thought it was going to take longer for the card to come in so it confused me. I read it over and that is the card and yes it does have my picture on it. Thank you for the the links very helpful. Although I have to request a new birth certificate since it was lost at my lawyers office.
  8. I received the notice about being a approved for DACA and it said that I would have to wait to get my Employment Authorization Document separate. When I went to pick up my mail I had both the notice and the card with my picture and information. So I got a bit confused but I'm guessing it's the Employment Authorization Card. So what's next? How do I get a SSN and my license. I'm in Illinois by the way.
  9. Getting Text Updates

    Thank you it was very helpful and I am set up for text updates.
  10. Question please help

    That's strange, my lawyer told me that they would drop the maternal last name. I'll have to give them a call and see what they say about that.
  11. Hey guys I want to get the text message updates sent to my phone. Does anybody know how I can get them?
  12. Question please help

    Sorry guys I didn't have a way to reply till now but thank you guys so very much. I was told to put both last names on the applications and that they drop the second last name when I get the social security card.
  13. Hi guys I'm currently in the process of trying to obtain my working permit. I'm not sure though how to put my name on the documents since I have my mom and dad's last name on my birth certificate. Since I started school I was told to only use my dad's. Should I put both or just my dad's? Thanks
  14. Welcome to the forums Dani2012 :)