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  1. Hi! I went to my biometrics appoinment on oct. 19th and I feel I'm close to getting approved but then so far at the same time! Is there anyone on the same boat as me?
  2. Ead Card

    Hi I was wondering if you always get a tracking number when they mail you your EAD Card? Today I received an update stating that they mailed my new card but they didnt provide a tracking number. Thank you in advance! =)
  3. Today I received a text stating that my case has been updated. When I checked the only one that was updated was the I-765 stating that they ordered the production of my new card. I believe that I'm approved right??? The other one is still stating that they received my evidence on march 18th!!
  4. Hi! Its been since the beginning of Feb that I got notified about my RFE and I havent received anything in the mail so I need to call USCIS to do a request of service but what number should I call? HELP!!!
  5. Rfe

    I 'm so frustrated!!! They received my application on sept.17 and went to my biometrics appoinment on Oct. 19th waited sooo long and they finally updated my status but to one I wasn't expecting RFE!!! I am in shock I swear I sent more then enough evidence! Here it goes: High school diploma and school transcripts, tax returns 2006-2011 except for 2009, for 2009 I sent all my pay checks and proof I bought my house that year, my sons birth certificate he was born in 2005, medical records from when I was a kid, for june 15th 2012 i sent a bank statement, and copy of passport thats all I can think of right now! Any ideas? My question is for those that recieved one how long after you sent what they needed where you approved? I have been waiting for so long and I'm afraid I'll have to wait 3 more months or longer oh by the way I'm still waiting for the letter to see what they want it was sent on friday and today is monday! Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks for sharing! It was very informative!
  7. Ead Card

    Thank you Calidreamer you are right I just have to be a little bit more patient lol
  8. Ead Card

    Thats weird let me know when you receive yours! hopefully we get it soon
  9. It took me a week and 2 days and I'm with Vermont which is the slowest! Keep your hope up it will come when you least expect it!!
  10. Approved!!!!

  11. I Think I Got Approved!!!!

    Its official IM APPROVED!!!! This is an incredible opportunity and I'm so grateful for it! I will definitely take advantage of any opportunity i will have to better my life! Thank you to everyone for the amazing support that I have received throughout this journey!! And for those that are still waiting please know that its coming and you too will be as happy as us!
  12. I Think I Got Approved!!!!

    Juan1414 keep your hope up!! You will get approved soon!! After waiting for over 6 months I learned that patience is our best friend in this process!! It will come when you least except it! Let us know when you get approved okay? oh thank you so much!
  13. I Think I Got Approved!!!!

    Thank you for everything and for keeping my hopes up!! I am sooo happy and excited!! And thanks to your bf as well!!
  14. Rfe Service Request

    It could be I lice in indiana which is a republican state!! But the good news is that I think I got approved today since the I765 application stated that they ordered the production of my new card!! Wohoo!!!
  15. I Think I Got Approved!!!!

    Am I really aporoved???
  16. Rfe Service Request

    With the simple fact that I was driving without a driver license allowed him to give me a ticket since to their eyes I'm committing a felony
  17. Rfe Service Request

    Still waiting I'm hoping that this week is the week!! Staying positive!!
  18. Rfe Service Request

    Wohoo!! Uscis received my evidence today!!! Now I have to wait and see what happens from here!!
  19. The attorney sent my evidence to them on tuesday. I was hoping that they received it today but nope, hopefully tomorrow!! Cross my fingers
  20. Wohoo!! CONGRATS!!! You time line is exactly like mine except I received the RFE in the feb 12 and it took 2 weeks for my attorney to send my evidence. Hopefully they receive it tomorrow!! CONGRATS again!!
  21. Rfe Service Request

    The attorney barely sent my evidence today! But now I know its on its way!! I'm hoping for a fast approval! I'll keep you posted!!
  22. It Has Happened!!

    Yaay congrats!!!
  23. Rfe Service Request

    Yaay!!! I knew it I have a sucky attorney they havent sent my evidence because after a week later they "notice" that they also need a statement from me of what happened that day and also an affidavit!!! Im sooo frustrated with them right now because I was expecting for USCIS to have already received my evidence by now only god knows when that will happen!!!
  24. Rfe Service Request

    Oh that is awesome!!! CONGRATS!!