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  1. Hi everyone, I am currently a community college student with a few more semesters to complete before I transfer to a UC as a microbiology major. Before Jerry Brown signed the CA Dream Act making AB540 students eligible for in-state financial aid, attending a UC didn't seem feasible. But now, the future looks a little more promising and I cannot wait to complete my B.S. As a result, I have already started to look into undergraduate research opportunities. However, I noticed that most research programs funded by the National Science Foundation at the universities require applicants to be U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents. My question is, has anyone had any experience applying for research opportunities as a DACA recipient? Any feedback is appreciated Thank you.
  2. Amendments Fail, Reform Advances

    Thank you for posting! I don't understand Cornyn's first amendment that did pass.Can you help clarify what it would do?
  3. Yayyy! I just got approved. Greatest feeling ever. DL, job hunting, independence here I come :D

  4. Thank you for your input! I'm crossing my fingers hoping you're right. UPDATE: Ces2792 you were totally right! I just got approved. This feels awesome . Thank you again!
  5. Hi everyone. Today I received a notification that my case had been updated. When I checked my case on the USCIS website, it read, "On May 20, 2013, your Alien Registration Number was changed relating to your I765, APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT AUTHORIZATION." Does anyone have an idea of what this could possibly mean? Do you think it means they're looking at my case? Should I be worried? I am really confused. On May 15th, my address on the I182-D was also updated but I never submitted an additional change of address after April. I've checked case numbers after and before my own, and they too have had the same kind of changes made. Should I contact USCIS or do you think I should wait it out?
  6. October 2012 Cases

    I'm on the same boat! Hopefully we are approved soon just in time for the summer
  7. Email From Uscis

    Hopefully soon Fresita! My sister just received her approval today after waiting for 8 1/2 months. It made me hopeful about my case
  8. Thanking God Almighty

  9. Email From Uscis

    I received the same type of adress change update. But I didn't make any changes so I am confused too :/
  10. Thank you for the suggestion! How did you explain your situation and format the information they ask for?
  11. California?

    Today marks 6 mos 11 days since they received my application. My sister has been waiting 7 mos 21 days. If we don't have our paperwork by the beginning of summer, I am going to throw a fit. I want to take my parents out to a really nice dinner already. I can't do that without a paycheck
  12. New Member From Il

    It's great to hear another story! Thank you for sharing. Hopefully your case is approved very soon so you can take them for the summer Good luck!
  13. $700+app fee. I tried convincing my mother that we did not need a lawyer, but she was paranoid about me making a mistake.
  14. Approved!!!!!!

    Congratulations!!!!! So exciting