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  1. Buying First House Anyone

    Have anyone else have been through the process of buying a house. I have a successful company I started from the ground and now ill able to buy my first house. I was just wondering if anyone else has gone through the process and your experience. I live in NC and the process is very long and they double check and triple check everything. I'm getting a loan from Wells Fargo, cuz BOA if outrageously high on their interest. I build my credit in 9 months to a score of 715. It was hard But it was worth it
  2. Obamacare

    HEY guys as we all know the goverment has shut down due to some crazy stuff in congress. Obamacare mostly the republica ns are trying to get rid of it. Has anybody try to find new health insurance or haven't. Also I don't think we can benefit from Obamacare due to our status (DACA applicants) I have found health insurance (blue cross blue shield) (expensive). I just wanna know about other people that have look or not look experiences. Also when you filed taxes for next year if u don't have insurance you have to pay a penalty. What will be the best health insurance for DACA applicants. Anybody working in the insurance business? Just wondering, is always good to stay inform. Good luck
  3. Work While Waiting For Daca Approval?

    How can you work as a firefighter if your getting approved by DACA. And also that's a government job and even with DACA you can't hold a government job that requires you to be a citizen. Daca only gives us temporarily status not citizenship. But Good luck
  4. Hawaii Anyone??

    As may of us have gotten approved and many more will by the time this is over. Have any of you thaught about visiting or moving to Hawaii. I've been thinking and researching the Hispanic and/or Dreamer population in Hawaii is more than I though it would be. Does anyone have friends or family that live there?? If so I would like to know the culture there. Not about tourism but how is like to live, work, and everyday things in Hawaii.
  5. Daca Case Reopened??

    Yea my friend had the same problem but we founfd out he lied in his application about never having a tickets. but he said he gsve someone elses name on the tickets (a few times) and they somehow found out by the cameras who it was. Hes now in removal proceedings. But I think he lied about something else. I dunno. But call them asap to find out
  6. Nobody From Nc??

    Send app sept 1 did bios oct 1 and got approved feb 2, 2013. You just have to be patient and it will come. Now I have my license.
  7. Best Credit Cards To Apply For After Daca

    I actually apply for a secured credit card with two of my banks and wells fargo secured card had the lowest interest rate at 18.95% compare to capital one at 24.95% or bank of america 25.50%. I use the cheapest one mostly for gas and the capital one for emergency. Just trying to build my credit to buy a house soon
  8. As many of us have gotten approved and many more will eventually get approved. I want to know what you guys think are the best credit cards we (dreamers) can apply for to build our credit. I have apply for a couple but the only ones I hsve gotten approved for are secured credit cards, which means you have to put money in to start out with ---------------------
  9. North Carolina Diver Licenses

    NC is a nice place to live but they have some of the stupidest law makers. This whole licenses things is very racist and also they wont give them till next month (if at all). They were giving them out, untill the republicans took over the state this year. Ive had a couple of friends including me go to the NC DMV to get our licenses but they say we have to wait till the law changes. You ask them when and they say they dont know. Its bad enough waiting in line for hours just to get told that you CANNOT get your driver license.
  10. Help!! Daca Update

    My friend had the same thing happened to him but he was approved. Best of luck
  11. Ssn Starts With 8???

    Im from Charlotte NC And my stars with a "6" . I think the only ones that start with a "9" are irs ITIN numbers., but I might be wrong
  12. Good News For Those In Nc!!!!

    Yea the will give them out. BUT they are vertically instead of horizontally and in the front they will say UNLAWFULLY STATUS and instead of navy blue they will be Red, which I think they will stand out when you try to apply for jobs or anything. THESE LICENSES AND/OR IDs are similar like the ones giving to minors in the state, so they cant buy alcohol and cigarettes. But I guess something is better than nothing.
  13. Help!!!!! Licenses In Nc???

    Yea they will give licenses out to dreamers but they are very different then regular licenses and also has unlawful status on them and theyre vertical. Which I think are very racial. The license will automatically stand out when u try to apply for jobs and other things. But then again thats better than nothing.
  14. Is anyone in NC able to get their license after they revoked them in Jan. If so where. I just got my DACA approved Feb 5 and i know a few ppl that were denied getting their licenses. Im waiting on my ead to get ssn and go get my license, but i would hate to not be able to get my license.
  15. Official Vermont Approval or Pending Thread

    Finally got approved App sent Sept 4, 2012 Bio Oct 1, 2012 Approved Feb 5, 2013