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  1. About employment...

    Guys, I have a really important question. I have been offered a position in a dental clinic I could only dream of, I thought using my fake ssn would work because they would not check, because no one ever did check my papers before, so, I got offered the position for sure a few hours ago, and the person said they need my ssn and license to fill out an I-9 form. I checked out what an I-9 is, and it is not good at all if I want to go ahead with my fake ssn, this will not work for me. An I-9 form is to actually check for accurate paperwork. So, i did my biometrics today and I am supposed to start the new job on the 3rd of December, should I tell these people the truth, to wait until maybe mid december for me to get my papers in order? I dont know what to do, because if I do tell them about it, it means that I was planning on using a fake ssn in first place and I would be sort of deceiving them. I am not worried about the license part, I am just worried that if I tell them the truth, the confidence they migh have had in me could be shattered. Or, I was thinking that I could call them next week and come up with some sort of explanation to stall until my ead gets here, which is definitely shady on my part, but this is really an excellent job position that I would kill for. Help me, please!!!!
  2. I have recently been diagnosed with a chronic illness and need to fill many papers in order to get help and medication Whenever there is that question on any form Legal Resident/ US Citizen...should I mark legal resident? Or does doing that imply that I have a green card? Bc since I got deferred action I am not really sure how to mark that question, and I am always afraid they will reject me for treatment. I assume I am a legal resident since I am not illegally here anymore, but I thought that this option meant GREEN CARD...does it, or can I mark ir down?
  3. Guys, I just applied for a credit card and got rejected, total bummer! I don't understand how that happened, it was a Newcomers CC from capital one, for new people to the US, since I just got an SSN. I called them and they said they needed me to rate my credit score in order to recommend me a CC, and I told them i have used an ITIN for the last 8 years. I've never used my ITIN for anything but taxes and rent... so, I applied for this card online because that was the only way to do it, and I got rejected. How is someone that is applying for a Newcomer's card have any credit? Isn't the whole point of this Newcomer's card to be a newcomer to this country and along with it comes the fact that no newcomer has a credit history? I am totally pissed about this. I was totally mislead on applying for this card. It is my resposibility, but I still feel cheated. Does anyone knows of a good credit card to apply for? Thanks
  4. Question About Applying...

    My question is as follows: Suppose you came here when you were 18 through Mexico, through the border, so, no passport stamp, and now you are 27 or so... then, if you were to apply for DACA, you would only have to show proof of 5 years back, from when you were 21 or 22 until now. I guess what I am saying is, if someone went through a process similar to this to get here, couldn't they apply for DACA and be accepted? Because they don't have proof they got here before or after 16 because their passports have never been stamped, I mean, how would immigration ever find out? I am not sure if it makes sense what I am saying, but isn't this a possibility?
  5. Minsconception...

    I have been reading a lot of articles regardin CIR and all that, and at the bottom, there are the comments of our very educated American friends, of course. So, my question is, where did this idea that "all the stupid Mexicans" get welfare? I mean, no comments here, we all know no one gets welfare here unless they are a citizens of this country. So, where the hell did this even come from in the first place? Who was the genius? I am just so tired of trying to clear this up for people. And I know it is a wasted effort, because they will believe what they want to believe, and I don't even know why I get into these internet brawls sometimes with such ignorant individuals, but it just bothers me that the media will put out such false allegations about the undocumented people in this country. Just saying...
  6. Road Test

    Hey, on avarage, how long did you guys have to wait to take a road test. I took my written test today, I passed and now I have to wait 6 WEEKS to take a road test. That is absurd, ridiculoooous!!!!! I am frustrated, it is bullshit. I am sure there is something wrong with this, how can they be booked for 6 weeks straight?
  7. Ebay?

    You guys!! I got my rfe letter and thank God it was quick. They are saying im missing evidence from 2 years..which is bullshit...but i might as well send it again and a little more. Can I use ebay purchase records? And how do you get facebook statuses, like the maps? Do yu print the whole map out, or is thre a list that i can downoload somehwere? Thanks.
  8. Absolutely Great...rfe

    This is absolutely reidiculous..nearly 6 months months in, after my case is fucking transfered across the country, I get an RFE. I am just too pissed about this. I can't send anything else other than what I have sent. These people have to be the most irresponsible, stupid, lazy and arrogant human beings to work in an office. Like I said on another post, the cases sit there for months, because my case has been in initial review for 4 months now, and only almost 6 months later I get an RFE?? Fuck this! Don't put shit on initial review if you don't have opened the file for anything else other than to take the damn money order out! Idiots!
  9. Penalty...

    Do you guys believe those undocumented citizens who have been caught on DUI charges (over 21), robbery, assault, domestic violence, people who owe child support, arrested for drug possession, should have the chance to stay in this country? These people have had an incrdible opportunity to come to this country, work, be productive, have a better future, and yet, they are on the streets, consciously doing all these things. I said DUI over 21, because after 21 you "own your own nose", you should know better than to be driving drunk, especially if you don't have a license. Do you think we should have to wait in line with all these people? Or should they, depending on their situation, be immediately discredited for doing these things and sent back because they had their chance? What do you think about our fellow undocumented citizens who make bad choices and will be trying to beat the system to take advantage of the new law that will pass? (Hopefully it will pass) Not to mention that we are mostly "criminals" as well, for entering the country and faking work papers, and sometimes even out name and age. Do you believe we should all pay a penatly for the wrong things we have done in order to become citizens of this country? Do you believe it is fair to be put in line with people who have not complied with the law as well as we have (with a few exceptions, above)? This is just for discussion sake you guys, not trying to be racist, or demeaning or anything. This is a great forum, and a hope it will stay that way...let me know what you guys think, because I am trying to write an article based on this. Thanks a lot.
  10. After Biometrics...?

    So, I never got a text message or email after I took my bio on Nov 15. I kept checking online every single day to see my case number pop up until it did. So, when the process moved to Initial review, it says they will send you a letter saying how they will process your case and whatever. So, did anyone actually get a letter saying how they are being processed? Because they said they received my stuff on October 15, I went in for bio November 15, and the first and last piece of mail I ever got were 2 identical sheets with my case number on them. Should I call and ask for a more detailed letter? Or just let it be? Thanks
  11. Hey guys, a while back I posted asking what to do about a new job I got offered and the fact that they would hire me with no papers and wait for my papers to be all set, but I could work meanwhile. Now, I was totally upfront with them, absolutely truthful, and the person who was hiring said they really wanted me because of the qualities I had and said there would be no problem in paying me, because they would pay me in personal check while my papers were not ready. Well, I had to work 30 hours of internship, fine, I did. Now, the week after my internship ended, I was supposed to get paid, but then, the same person that hired me and said they would pay me in personal check, comes to me and says "So, as soon as you get ur stuff we will be able to process and pay you". I was shocked, I did not say anything at the time because there were other co-workers around, and this was private, between me and this person that hired me with the promise of a paycheck. I am so upset, I have been out of work for 2 weeks due to a hospital stay, I am still sick, my first day back is supposed to be tomorrow, and I have not seen a cent in more than a month. She was not truthful, and the worst part is that the employer himself, an Orthodontist, probably has no idea of what she has done to hire me, she promised something without consulting him, and he has probably no idea. I called to refuse the job, and she said that they would pay me in personal check. This was the only reason I took the job in the first place. I am terribly upset about this. What should I do?
  12. I Have A Question!

    Call and ask someone, bc mine was about to expire on April8th and I called and made a stink about it, mine went to Nebraska, and then 4 days later I got approved and now my new stuff is on its way to my house next week. They said to me that they don't grant extensions by application or anything like that, what the person on the phone told me was that "When they get to your papers and see that you are overdue, u will get an automatic extension" I tried opening a petition online for my case, but was denied bc my case was still in the time frame they have, but not, it got approved. So, call them.
  13. I am extremely upset. My permit expires in 29 days, so I called USCIS today to talk about it and they said that Nebraska is working on cases from October still and my case is in the expected time, so they can't do anything, and i told the lady "well, if they are working on october cases, my case it will obviously be experied by the time I get approved again,so, can't I apply for one of those extension permits?" and she said "No, they give that to you when they see that your permit experied" and I was very confused, bc what is the point of that? So, I tried to start a petition sort of thing online, but they said i couldnt because my case is withing time frame.. FUUUUUUCK!!! I am about to love my job in 4 weeks, this is so shitty!
  14. Long Overdue Forum Section

    what the hell is all this Russian writing? Please stop whoever you are! If you need help, at least use Google translator
  15. Approve Notice

    Never trust a lawyer! Bunch of bullshitters
  16. Thoughts On Obama's Executive Order...

    Pimenta no olho dos outros e refresco! This is easy for anyone to say now that they have children and fit into the law.
  17. Thoughts On Obama's Executive Order...

    People who have had their children here will be able to get papers when their children turn 18 and sign for them...what about the rest of the people? What about the farmers???
  18. Thoughts On Obama's Executive Order...

    I totally agree! And I think that, also, the 2009 (5 year mark) was way too low, it should have been for people who have been here for over 8 years because now it is even more than a slap in the face of those who have been here for over 10 years, have not had children to burden the American economy and have been living responsibly and paying taxes. I have beef with this, personal beef bc i know people (sorry excuses for human beings) who have had children for the sole purpose of creating roots here and not being deported for the very reason they expected the president to do something like this. I am so pissed right now at Obama!
  19. Daca Renewal

    You should definitely call and tell them that because you might be let go of your job if it expires. I haven't had any personal experience, but I would call as soon as possible and request an update, and ask to talk to a supervisor or something because that is cutting it pretty close.
  20. Discriminated

    I don't think I've heard much about discrimination in those terms here, living in MA, people are very afraid of being sued or taken to court over these matters here. I think that it being that you live in Texas, the people there are very openly racist against immigrants, at least, that is what I've heard about the American people there. But you have the right to tell them to mind their own business and conduct themselves professionally because it is not professional to pass judgement on people based on a piece of paper. And if they are treating you like that, then you better not work there anyways.
  21. I don't know...maybe call a lawyer and ask them...bc I called one a while ago because both my grandparents have sent me letters with a bill of health, which is not good, and that gives me more than enough reason to go, but he suggested to be careful because if I leave the country, when a law comes out they are gonna ride my ass about why i left and make it harder in my situation to give me anything at all.
  22. I think it is a legitimate reason...but...what happens if you don't go?
  23. I Am Worried About The Future Of Daca

    27 years????? omg, that is absurd, there should be a law in place, if you are here for over a period of time you should get automatic 25 years would be a no, that is really a long, long time.
  24. I Am Worried About The Future Of Daca

    I don't know how worse they are waiting for all this to get...let's be honest, it is not only 12M people...there are a lot more out there...they have no clue about what they are doing. They didn't enforce the law, we all know, otherwise we wouldn't be here and now they have this monstrous problem...and they give us a limited amount of time to stay because they need us to stay and keep paying every time we renew, THEY NEEDS doubt about that. 13 years that i have been here...11 working and paying taxes and this country has been very good to me, I have a serious illness and i always get seen by doctors when I need, medicine is extremely expensive as well and they help me with that. I have nothing to complain about except the fact that i can't leave and come back and i dont understand why in the world that is a problem for still paying taxes, still working, still paying my bills, contributing...i dont get is depressing to know that at any time something could happen to my family and i have to make the heart wrenching decision to go when my husband is here, my work is here and i won't be able to come back to my actual life that i have built here for 13 years...frustrating!
  25. I Am Worried About The Future Of Daca

    I know, every day I am here waiting to hear the news that it is off, no more renewals! Urgh, this just kills me, and not only that, we all took a chance and trusted the President by coming out of the shadows and applying for DACA, the right thing to do is treat us like everyone else. Give us not only work permit, but let us travel too, it haven't seen my family is 13 years!