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  1. I am going to mail in my application and I am debating whether I should or not. I have been working with a social and claiming to be a US citizen,I know its bad but I did not the the consequences until just recently. Does anyone think its even worth a shot? I am starting to think its best just not to apply im just worried and dont know what to do please if anyone knwa let me know?
  2. Should I even apply for the dream act?

    Im on the same position also wondering if i shud send in the application but i dont know ... Liz let me knw if you ended up sending it and wat happend
  3. Biometrics Appointment

    For those of you who have got their biometric apointment what is that for? Im berly gna snd my aplication in and i wna know.wat to expect in the apointment? Like wat questions do they ask or what do they make me do? Thank u all
  4. Welcome to the forums dakween21 :)