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  1. Ok so i been filling out job applications theres this one question on one of them "Will you now or in the future require sponsorhip for an employment visa(for example H-IB Visa) Yes or No I went and google n it say simply if your a us citizen mark no if your not mark yes. Im guessing is a yes im a lil confused other applications did not ask that question Please help, opinions before submitting my answer!!!!
  2. Been working hard for the past 8 months and today I start my second job even know their minimum wage jobs I am thankful and grateful for having them this been such an awesome and amazing opportunity to those of you who are still waiting good luck and god bless :)

  3. I havn't been on this site in more than a month, been working my ass off just taking advantage of this amazing opportunity Im close to go car hunting YAY!! Hope everyone is doin great :)

  4. Hello

    Welcome i know the waiting sucks but stay strong and be patient you will get approve!! Germany awesome my dream vacation lol just wanted to put that outhere hehe and again don't stress yourself your day will come!!!
  5. Work work work gotta get ready :) have an awesome weekend everyone!!

    1. engineer2mike


      You too!! Work work

  6. Havent had time to log in I been busy working Yay :) Hope everyone is doin Awesome!!

  7. So i might end up having 2 jobs :) if this places can figure out and are able to put me on the schedule I really hope they do, this would be AWESOME more money in my pocket more chances of getting my car soon!!!

    1. Calidreamer


      Work hard play hard!!

    2. Meow
  8. I start my new job today!! im nervous hate been the new one Wish me luck :)

  9. Job Application Visa Questions

    Thanks!! i was really confuse cause all the answers on google kept saying If us citizen mark no if not mark yes.
  10. Happy 23 Birthday to me :)

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    2. jimenezerika


      Happy Birthday ! :)

    3. Meow


      Thanks guys :) and yes most deff will be partying this weekend!!

    4. jimenezerika


      YOUr welcome :) hope you have a good bday !

  11. Music Sharing

    Im sure theres a neck for u outhere. Any girls? Anyone? Come on this dude is thirsty!! hehe
  12. Just got my drivers license in tha mail today Yay :) now all i need is a job been filing out applications but haven't receive any calls yet :( I know someone will call me for interview i just hope is soon!!! Wish me luck:)

    1. x0_michy


      Congrats! how long did you wait for your license :/ and hey! don't get said, keep applying for more. When one door closes, another opens :D Goodluck!!!!

    2. x0_michy


      I meant ?* instead of :/ lol

    3. Meow


      got my license 2 weeks after taking the driving test but yeah im still applying eventually someone will call me:)

  13. Music Sharing

    Two sexy songs and videos from two of my favorite bands!!
  14. We seem to have a lot in common ...

    I know exactly what you are goin thru about not been able to tell him about your status. Went thru the same few years back, I told him after 2 and a half yrs , it was getting serious he wanted to move in together so i had to tell him it was hard but i did it. He was really nice bout it, now we been together for like 7yrs!! I think you should tell him especially if ya been together for four yrs sounds like a pretty serious relationship, I understand is hard but just find the right time n be honest. Good luck
  15. OMG tomorrow I get to take the driving test Wish me luck :) Happy new year to everyone!!!

  16. Got my ID today :) yay soo awesome i wanna hit a bar tonight just to show it lmao now im just waiting to take my driving test next week!!! Wish me luck :) n good luck to the ones that are still waiting!!!

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    2. pswa83


      oh, i know that feeling. but luckily we dont have to do that any more!!! YAY YAY YAY!!! :)

    3. FloridaLoveBug


      lol I feel like I will be doing somethin like this too just because I know they will card me

    4. Meow


      lol is just a great feeling :)

  17. DREAMERS PARTY !!!!!

    I don't care i just wanna party!!! lol
  18. DREAMERS PARTY !!!!!

    Im in for the party!!! Texas!
  19. Bored :( i guess i'll listen to some music!!

  20. Blasting music loud feeling good!! All i have to do now is apply fo my ID and DL waiting to get my drivers education course certificate on the mail since now everyone in tx between ages 18-24 first time drivers has to take a 6hr drivers education course Glad i pass :)

  21. Favorite type of music?

    Well some of my fave are Combichrist, Centhron,Blutengel! i guess i recommend those
  22. Favorite type of music?

    You tube them separately. is like dark electro
  23. Have a Laugh! :)

    LMAO!!! The first video is hilarious