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  1. Job Searching and more...

    I haven't received my EAD yet, but I am looking at jobs...I want to know from you guys that already graduated, but couldn't work in a job that needs your degree. I have two questions that I don't know what I should do: 1. Do you list under-the-table jobs on your resume? 2. What do you say about the period of time that you were unable to work in a job? 3. Do you tell a potential employer that you only have a EAD for 2 years?
  2. Planning after approved DACA

    Hi EnJR, I had free consultations with four immigration lawyers and I happened to ask all four of them the question of what happens after DACA expires (if they don't renew the work permit after the two years). They told me that basically I can get a green card in one of two ways: 1) The DREAM act is passed 2) I get married to a US citizen. They ALL told me that I can NOT have an employer sponsor me for a green card (at least, not under the current immigration laws.) I do hope for and would strongly support the passage of the DREAM act and/or other comprehensive immigration reform that would benefit honest, hard-working immigrants. Personally, I have been hearing about/hoping for this for the past ten years, and I'm tired of being let down. Also, I do not wish to get married at a young age. (I respect other people's choices, however.) I have a BS in Biochemistry, which at the moment, is but a mere piece of paper. When I was in high school, I believed that by my senior year, I'd have a green card. When Obama took office, I thought, that really soon (as in a few months), I'd have a green card. And now, a year after getting my bachelor's degree, I still don't have one. Right now, I'm considering the following option: get the work permit, work here in the US for 2 years. Then if they don't renew this or pass the DREAM act, move to the country that I'm originally from (Brazil) and continue my career there, or possibly move to a different country, possibly Canada or some place in Europe. I was wondering if anyone else considered the possibility of moving back to their native country or some place else in search of opportunity.
  3. Welcome to the forums Marlivil :)