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  1. I went to the DMV to renew my last name in Texas. I showed them my wedding license just for them to tell me I need a second verification from immigration and to come back within 2 weeks. I needed to do a physical, and used my license and the doctor told me my license expired. I looked closely and it said it was issued from sept 2016 to onto 2016. This is incorrect. My license has always been 2 years based on immigration. Did they make a mistake? and did that the cause to why i can't renew last name?

  2. mom got approved for her greencard!!!! Yay!!!! Bad news...Can't find my social security card.

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    2. pswa83


      you can apply for a replacement of your SSN

    3. REPutation


      Do I have to pay?

    4. pswa83


      nope. dont have to pay for the replacement but keep in mind that in your lifetime you only get 3 replacements

  3. Just got approved for a credit line! Now change my ITIN to my SSN, but writing to the IRS just seems like so much work.

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    2. Calidreamer


      @franklin you've got to notify the IRS about your new SS# here is the link.

    3. franklin.m
    4. REPutation


      ohh that helps @jose.

      @wise not a job

  4. OMG I took the drug test this morning! It was horrible. I couldn't urinate! I litarally had to run and exercise in place, drink a whole bottle of water and juice and can of coke to finally urinate...after 2 freakin' hours! Ugh I hope that doesn't effect my results...The front ladies said it won't :/

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    2. REPutation


      @Erika better that then failing lol

      @Rawf smh

    3. taramo35


      you can get any time of advise in this forum... pretty cool

    4. REPutation


      @taramo35 lol. I guess since we're all the same shoes...we're sorta like a mini fam

  5. Finally got my corporate job!! They put me full time, benefits and paid vacations included even though I have a part time job and go to school part time. Taking my drug test Monday a.M. Yikes! Never did that before lol...seriously

    1. Santi


      NICE!!!! What are you going to be doing...I am hunting for my Corp job as well! wish me success, as I wish you much success in your career!

    2. splif0clock


      Congrats! 'n drug tests are as easy as eating a pie :)

      @santi search and do an advance search with "{"Show jobs from" : "Employer site only"}" selected.

  6. I'm back!!! Gosh school and work are taking all my time lol. But I'm lovin' it

    1. itzel


      I know exactly how you feel =)

    2. silvazquez27


      That's what I need in my life! Approve me already!!! lol..

  7. Ohh! The future is soo bright! 12/10 got SSN. 12/12 state ID. Now on my azz for a job...I finally feel normal

  8. So after waiting a WHOLE 2 months! I have been approved!!!

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    2. REPutation


      Thank you ALL!

      @cinthya lol

    3. pankaj
    4. REPutation


      Thank you Pankaj. Many good things to come