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  1. Official Vermont Approval or Pending Thread

    I got approved today. Filed by myself and got no RFE. If anyone needs help let me know.. my timeline is pretty extreme. good luck everyone.
  2. is anyone attending a for-profit college or carrer college in florida?

  3. The Posibility Of An Immigration Reform

    why couldn't you apply for a work permit, while you wait for the green card? damn, sounds frustraing, specially if you came here as a child.. hopefully they do something for the people who already have daca in this CIR, at least waive some fees, and let us apply for financial aid. it's not easy to pay for these things :/
  4. The Posibility Of An Immigration Reform

    how are you in the system then? i just dont get it. but besides from that, what i think is that all dreamers (which have more potential of becoming professionals) should have pr. the other remainding people should be able to have their ead's and wait for their green cards according to their qualification (but still, its going to be hard, and not everyone will be able to file right away, which confuses me even more as to how the processing times will be) and live a life in dignity while they wait for their green cards. I say this because dreamers, like myself, need financial aid and i think that with daca we cant get it. but everyone else is going to stay here the rest of their lives, whether they've been here 5 years or 30 years, we're part of the same wave, which has almost ended completely. there's not going to be alot of illegal people after this. the assumptions i made i based them on the things i know, thats why i was asking. so please dont get mad.. it wasnt my intention to get anyone mad because of how i think.
  5. The Posibility Of An Immigration Reform

    so from that you didnt even get a work permit? im trying to understand, you dont have to be so sensitive.
  6. The Posibility Of An Immigration Reform

    what do you mean by filing the correct papers, and paid fees? I have been here illegal for 17 years and never heard of a way to gain legal status, or even filing any forms because I have no base. If a lpr claimed you in 2001, you've probably had a work permit in 3 months for 2 years, renewable, make you pretty much legal. you can also get advance parole to travel, instate tuition. so i don't think youre undocumented if that is what youre going through. and to be honest, i doubt that becoming a lpr through the cir will be easier than being claimed by a direct relative. also it would be have different prossesing times.
  7. The Posibility Of An Immigration Reform

    Erik From 2 to 6 sounds like an immigration reform. But waiting for the economy to get fixed first is ridiculous, and about that I haven't seen anything anywhere. Theres a lot less people crossing the border now than ever. E Veriry will implemented after they start legalizing all the elegible people and deporting the deportables. Back of the line sounds sellfish and really wont make a difference. Everyone elegible will be able to get a work permit, to wait for their permanent residency card, whether they are in front of back of the "line". I've been here for 17 years and don't differentiate my self from immigrants that have been here for 10 or 5 years when it comes to having papers, because most of us here for a better future for generations to come.
  8. The Posibility Of An Immigration Reform

    I'm sorry to tell you Erik, but you have insulted your own inteligence with such proposal. I'm glad politicians don't think like you. An Immigration reform would boost the economy because many peoples wages would encrease, therefore more money to spend. Many people adquiring drivers lisence will be able to take out loans and buy new cars. Many people, outside the dreamers would start spending money on higher eduacation and things like that. It looks like you havent done any research on the borders and its security. If anyone works illegaly they would not be able to get any tax returns and loose all the money deducted form pay. Paying a fine looks like the only smart thing you wrote. Back of the line? how old are you, 15? SMH
  9. This is a video I found today, it's in spanish and it's about Marco Rubio sounding very optimistic about a comprehensive immigration reform. I have a feeling that this year they really might pass something big. http://video.latino.msn.com/?mkt=es-us&vid=f60acafc-31f3-41ba-a173-028986e3df65&src=v5:share:sharepermalink:&from=sharepermalink
  10. I am Ignacio

    thanks guys!
  11. I am Ignacio

    Yes I've been there, the food is really good at Pamelas!! I wonder why yours was sent to NE,when did you send it?
  12. Florida applicants---- timeline?

    my signature says it all
  13. Your First Car after Deferred Action

    LOL talk about dreamers! jk guys but yeah I want a Porsche Boxter S, and BMW M X6.