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  1. Racist Pricks

    The kid is undoubtedly talented, he was a great pick for singing the anthem. However, in my opinion, I think that the charro outfit is a very symbolic thing of Mexico. For him to have to sing the U.S anthem in a charro suit is a bit out of context. FAir to say times are changing...
  2. Hello fellow dreamers, so as of late I've hearing a lot a about a potential immigration reform. I am currently waiting for my approval for deferred action. I have a huge concern here, I have worked for six years at the same job which I acquired using a fake SSN as well as fake birthdate but did use my real name. The concern doesn't come from that however. For those six years, I have not done any taxes whatsoever because I always thought due to my illegal status I wouldn't be able to do them anyway. I never knew about what an ITIN was about until recently that I became familiar with the term on this forum. I'm worried that for a possible immigration reform, one of the very important requirements is to have paid taxes on this country... I was told I could still do taxes for the past three years or two. The other thing is, I have no possession of these W-2 forms or whatever they're called since my workplace does not have my current home address but another which I lived years ago. Does anyone know if I can still acquire these forms If I ask my boss? Do companies keep record of these to provide to employees in case they lose them? I'd highly appreciate any helpful input you may have on this regard, thanks in advance!
  3. I'm not Mexican, I'm a sexican

  4. Patience

    Patience is a word with a meaning? Oh ballz no wonda I be goin' insane.
  5. I hope dis is mah week 4 real. ben waittin' liil 2 long bruhh

  6. Life After Daca...

    Nice "happenings"... and so did you become a model? P.S. you look pretty average to be asked as model having worked at one of those stores myself. Are you just full of yourself?
  7. How does one do taxes anyway?
  8. Welcome to the forums GayHomoFag :)