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  1. Its been past a year since i applied for daca i tried doing service request and even contacted my congressmen after six months i did the first service request an i was informed to wait within six more months so i waited and the six months passed and nothing then i did another service request after the second one and was told to wait 30 more days the 30 days have passed and today i contacted them again and i was told to email the Nsc and to wait 21 more days to get a reply and if i did not receive a reply to email the direct office I feel so helpless and sad that they keep extending my wait something is not right and i think that it is not fair iam sure i have a clean background and that i qualify was is their problem ignoring my case or just having it on hold i applied for a reason because i want a work permit to work feeling depressed
  2. They received my application August 20,2012 so we almost the same timeline
  3. Oh i did not know that. I donot have a lawyer. I guess more waiting for me
  4. I know is so frustrating more than a year is too much waiting. The bad part that there is nothing to do but wait.
  5. So today i called uscis and told the representive that answered that i was going on my 11 month to get a respond and he made a service request for the 4th time he also said that the Nebraska SC did not have a processing time for this cases before but now they do and it is 6months what should take to process DACA .I just wanted to share this I donot know what to believe anymore. :)

    1. Mizar1


      I'm in the same boat as you...going on 11 months, i call and call USCIS all the tell me is do inquiries. I'm in the California Srvce Centr though

  6. I read on the uscis website that some background checks of people with more addresses of previous residence or employments on their applications take longer to finish. I think this might be true because on my daca application i filled out that i lived in like 6 diffrent addresses since i was brought here and here iam still waiting.Some of the information i read from the uscis website from 2008 so i hope that since then they have improved..
  7. Tomorrow i will be waiting for 10 months i contacted my congressman last week and yesterday i received a letter from my congressman and it said that i am still pending a background check that it will take approximately 30-60 days to get it finished so i by then i will of waited a long year. The good thing is that i still hanging there and hope i will get approve.

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    2. Sebarmas91


      Same here :(

      They receive my application on august 29 and took my biometrics on september 24 and still waiting and my case is on vermont :/

    3. hunninutz
    4. Peedur


      I'm praying for you and others. Stay strong!

  8. HI with the news that iam going on my 10 month of waiting to get approve still have some hope left although i feel so frustrated.
  9. Daca - New Month Of April Statistics

    They are still reviewing August and the months after too because iam from August and still waiting on monday it will be 9 months of waiting
  10. For those people that already got approved and don't mind to let me know at what time did you received the approval text.I am just so curious to know thanks.
  11. Boston Bombing Discussion

    As to the bombers in boston when this happen i thought right away that it was a terror attack my reaction was the thought to my mind of the poor innocent people that where affected and how their life changed in a matter of seconds by influenced evil humans that had the guts to act in such way.I think what triggered the two bombers was probably how they where raised by their families and lack of love that was was not given to them then on top of that they got involved with the wrong individuals that seek for this kind of people to commit their crimes against whatever person,place or thing they hate,they where used kind of like a crash dummies but owell this is what happens when people have serious problems and donot look for help and they prefer to take the wrong path and end up getting killed or ruined their lives forever.
  12. I hope those damn excuses won't effect the immigration reform like always looking for an excuse tired of their shit so scared that immigrants will take their jobs away yeah because they know most immigrants are hard working and most u.s citizens just want easy kick back jobs and scratch my back and toes if you can jobs. If one day i become one i hope that i wont become like that. Iam sorry for the bad words but this is just my opinion so frustrated guys i think i just need to chill but i can't help it sorry.
  13. Tomorrow will be exactly 8 months of waiting why does this have to happen to me. I will be making a party when i get approved i will deserve it after all this torturous waiting.
  14. 7 Or 8 Month Club..from Vermont?

    4more days and i will be waiting for 8 months but my application is in Nebraska
  15. That is just so wrong been waiting for so freking long decades with a family petition might as well go freaking marry the old neighbor that is trying to hit on me 30 years older than me but that is no the point so frustrating i will rather die than marry an old freak.
  16. Aside with my previous comment and the more calmer me thinks that most denials are because people could not respond to rfe's for x reasons in the time they were given so they ended up denied..
  17. I think that they are so evil that they brought hope to alot people and then make them wait for so much and then simply deny them they should of took a decision earlier but of course we are just numbers to them so sad those heartless machines .
  18. I was wondering and my question is when i filled out my daca application i only wrote my first, middle and fathers last name on my application,was i supposed to include my other last name which is my mothers ? My birth certificate,passport and matricula have both last names but my school papers don't have my mothers last name will that affect me in any way?
  19. How Long Have You Been Waiting

    7 months 13 days of still waiting to hear from Nebraska
  20. Having a good time and not worried about daca they just made me wait much so at this point i donot care not excited anymore what will happen will happen cheers.

    1. splif0clock


      It will come trough soon for ya, srs. 'till then enjoy your self, no need to feel down about it.

    2. srs



  21. This is so frustrating,I just got through speaking to an immigration officer and was told that my case is in an extended security review and that until that is clear then i will receive a response,i asked how much longer do i have to wait and she said that she did not know.I think that my case is stuck in security name check i have read that this can take longer than six months an that there is a small percent that can take up to years i just hope iam not part of that small percent.I will jus...

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    2. Admin


      it wont take that long

    3. srs


      I hope so I have been waiting since August 20 already 7months n 7 days but i know that i am not the only one going though this i just hope the wait is over soon because this frustrating,stressing and sometimes i even have trouble with my sleep just thinking about it.I think that it might help if i try forgetting about it for a while but it is just so hard.

    4. Calidreamer


      You are so close! I know the wait sucks, but it will be so worth it. Leave it in God's hands :D