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  1. Tomorrow i will be waiting for 10 months i contacted my congressman last week and yesterday i received a letter from my congressman and it said that i am still pending a background check that it will take approximately 30-60 days to get it finished so i by then i will of waited a long year. The good thing is that i still hanging there and hope i will get approve.

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    2. mayra


      wow! stay strong you will get approve sooner or later! good luck

    3. marisol143


      trust me ur turn will come i contact my congresswoman and in less than two weeks i got approved...

    4. Cesarito90


      thats awesome, at least u got that response i contacted mine, and the only thing her people did was to do a service request and they got the same response like i did, to just mine didnt help out alot but yours surely did :)

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