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  1. So today i called uscis and told the representive that answered that i was going on my 11 month to get a respond and he made a service request for the 4th time he also said that the Nebraska SC did not have a processing time for this cases before but now they do and it is 6months what should take to process DACA .I just wanted to share this I donot know what to believe anymore. :)

    1. Mizar1


      I'm in the same boat as you...going on 11 months, i call and call USCIS all the tell me is do inquiries. I'm in the California Srvce Centr though

  2. Tomorrow i will be waiting for 10 months i contacted my congressman last week and yesterday i received a letter from my congressman and it said that i am still pending a background check that it will take approximately 30-60 days to get it finished so i by then i will of waited a long year. The good thing is that i still hanging there and hope i will get approve.

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    2. Sebarmas91


      Same here :(

      They receive my application on august 29 and took my biometrics on september 24 and still waiting and my case is on vermont :/

    3. hunninutz
    4. Peedur


      I'm praying for you and others. Stay strong!

  3. Having a good time and not worried about daca they just made me wait much so at this point i donot care not excited anymore what will happen will happen cheers.

    1. splif0clock


      It will come trough soon for ya, srs. 'till then enjoy your self, no need to feel down about it.

    2. srs



  4. This is so frustrating,I just got through speaking to an immigration officer and was told that my case is in an extended security review and that until that is clear then i will receive a response,i asked how much longer do i have to wait and she said that she did not know.I think that my case is stuck in security name check i have read that this can take longer than six months an that there is a small percent that can take up to years i just hope iam not part of that small percent.I will jus...

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    2. Admin


      it wont take that long

    3. srs


      I hope so I have been waiting since August 20 already 7months n 7 days but i know that i am not the only one going though this i just hope the wait is over soon because this frustrating,stressing and sometimes i even have trouble with my sleep just thinking about it.I think that it might help if i try forgetting about it for a while but it is just so hard.

    4. Calidreamer


      You are so close! I know the wait sucks, but it will be so worth it. Leave it in God's hands :D

  5. I just saw on the news that some daca cases will take longer because of the workload that got transfered from the Vermont service center to the Nebraska that means that my case will take longer even after it is outside processing time i hate the waiting it is just making so stress not knowing what is holding my case for so long at this point i would not care if i receive a rfe at least that would let me know that they are working on my case.

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    2. splif0clock


      am I missing something here ? what news ?

    3. Gezinha


      what? why would they take longer than 6 months? does this mean that they didnt even take a look at the cases while they were in vermont?

    4. srs


      My application was received August 20 and it was sent to the nebraska service center and now is past the six months now waiting for an answer after i submitted the service request. The news is that some daca cases will take longer to get processed.

  6. On December 20 will be 4 months of waiting my birthday is on the December 19 and Christmas is coming and approval notice would be the best gift for either dates.

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    2. Rawf


      I hope you called them because 90 days is the limit.

    3. srs


      I have called them before and they said to call them after Dec 20 if i do not hear anything from them but that every case is different and that it takes 4 to 6 months to process this kind of applications so i would probably hear from them the latest by Feb 2013.

    4. srs


      My application was sent to the Nebraska service center i sent my application on August 15, 2012 and they received it on the August 20,2012.I sent my application as soon as i could to get a faster approval but i guess that does not matter i think that there are other things that might slow the process like that i might have a very common name where there are still checking me or the officer reviewing my case is taking its time and decides that i should wait the whole 6 months then that will be...

  7. Does anyone know how will i be notified about the decision of daca its been a month since i went for biometrics my case is at the Nebraska SVC.

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    2. itzel


      I got approved 21 days after biometrics. I was at the Nebraska center. Remember as more time passes more people are applying so itll start causing delays in those that already did their bios. You should be very close. No more than 2 weeks would be my guess..good luck

    3. roadrunner11


      Listen to Itzel she has been predicting everyones approval :)

      She was right about mine!

    4. srs


      Thanks for all of your comments they were of great help.