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    erika020 got a reaction from 1993kid in How long did it take ????   
    For me, it took about two months to get approved maybe a bit more than two months . My work permit was gonna expired on March, but I got it way before my expiration date. 
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    erika020 reacted to Alby1 in Behind the scenes on DACA   
    I totally agree with you.  They only play with our life's. We're just some bargaining chip.
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    Congrats Osha glad it came on time
    Hopefully I'll receive my approval this week before mine expires
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    Funny story, so my EAD expired on the 25th of February and I just got approved for renewal on the 26th of February. Luckily I didn't loose my job or anything. Overall my renewal from the time I sent my application only took one month. Now, I just have to wait for my card so that I can renew my dl. 
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    02/25/15 BIOMETRICS  just walk in to the RIVERSIDE,CA office  they said its okay for walk in ..they take anyone if there not to full.
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    erika020 reacted to Tori in Renewal Processing Timelines For Nebraska   
    Nebraska is all over the place. Some have gotten renewed within a month of biometrics. Others are still waiting.
    My timeline
    Renewal packet received: 11/26/14
    Biometrics: 12/22/14
    EAD expiration: 4/9/15
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    erika020 got a reaction from miguel2013 in Renewal Processing Timelines For Nebraska   
    Application sent: Oct. 27
    Application received: Oct. 31
    Service Center: Nebraska
    Acceptance letter received: Nov. 4
    Date of Biometrics : Nov. 24
    Approval: still pending
    Expiration day: March 1st , in a week!! And no approval yet :/
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    erika020 reacted to maven in How To Fill Daca Renewal [Official Video]   
    Here you go everyone. All questions answered:

    Q&A with Top Attorneys & National Experts Personalized DACA Renewal Plan Notifications via Text and Email Free Do-it-Yourself Online Application Tools by Top Lawyers Where to get Trustworthy, Free or Low Cost Legal Help Help with Saving for your DACA Fees  
    Also you can visit for more information.
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    erika020 reacted to FrancisoRayado in Freedom Summer 2014 Project   
    Hello guys, My name is Francisco Rayado and I am a recipient and beneficiary of the Deferred Action. I work for Mi Familia Vota, a non-profit organization that was started in 2004 and that has been in the immigration reform fight since 2006. We have a project coming up this summer and we are doing it to commemorate the Civil Rights Act of 1964. For those of you that don't know or simply can't recall from High School Social Studies, I suggest watching a 15 minute youtube clip which I can link below. Long story short, in 1964 minorities, but mostly the black population was being affected and their right to vote was being suppressed. Now in present days, we see the similarities but it is now the Latino community that is being affected the most. The fact that we hardly vote and are intimidated by the whole aspect of going to the polls has led to cities such as Phoenix, AZ being terrorized by Sheriff Joe and Jan Brewer making our life miserable by not issuing driver's licenses to us. My point is that we have to vote and for those that can't, like "me." We can sure as hell influence anyone around us to do so. From any girlfriends/ boyfriend, to friends or even complete strangers. The Freedom Summer Project 2014 is a bus tour set for July 2014 where we will travel to different cities within Arizona and engage the community by registering them to vote, in turn, you get an amazing experience where you can listen to different people's stories and a chance for you to develop as a leader in your community. Besides, who doesn't want to travel for 10 days right? As a resident of Arizona, I am tired of seeing families being torn apart, I am tired of worrying about wether my parents will come home from work or not, I am tired of absurd bills becoming laws, and I am tired of not being able to proceed my education because of different roadblocks I encounter. I'm sure all of you can empathize with me and I know for sure that each and everyone of you has their own unique story. That is why I'm reaching out to YOU my fellow Arizona residents. Can you guys join me in this historic process, because believe it or not, that is what we're doing. And for those that are eager to participate but live in other states, Mi Familia Vota is nation wide and has offices established in Callifornia, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, and Florida.
    Here I leave my contact info for anyone interested in participating in Arizona.
    Francisco Rayado (602)516-9459
    [email protected]

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    erika020 got a reaction from Gezinha in Advance Parole   
    It doesn't take that long. I read about a girl that applied for Advanced Parole and she said the process was really fast. I just can't remember exactly how long it took. She went to Mexico because she had to take some classes in Queretaro. But everything went well, she was able to re-enter US territory without any problems 
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    erika020 reacted to heretostay in Hello, My Name Is Fernando. This Is My Story   
    Hello, my name is Fernando. I was brought to united states illegally by my mother at 6 months from birth, she had no other choice but to bring me to the U.S after my father had abandoned us and were left alone with berly any food to last us. My whole family had moved to the u.s, so she had no one to rely on back in mexico.
    We had lived in California till i was at the age of 5 but soon moved out to Arizona after my step father had gone to prison for drug trafficing. Ive been living in phoenix since then. Going to school here and getting an education. Ive been through ups and downs with the state due to its immigration problems. For example the sb1070. the right for police men to ask for documention was a real hassle. it did cause fear in alot of us undocumented people. Ive had friends get deported in raids from Joe Arapio or just stopped in one of his usual round ups, and i was one of the lucky few who made it through all that and finish high school and graduated on top of my class. As proud as i was of myself for accomplishing something good in life it wasnt quite satisfying because i didnt have proper documentation to work or let alone get help from the goverment to continue going to school. So i started working in landscaping with one of my old friends from high school. Let me tell you its not easy doing that sort of job when its gets to about over 115 degrees here in Arizona. Especially the amount of pay we were getting wasnt even worth it but didnt have no other choice. Everyday i would wake up, thinking is this what all my hard work has lead me to?. I had friends in high school who were going to commuitiy colleges, universities or in the army . and i was stuck working out in the sun everyday. I really thought it was unfair. I did everything right in life. never been arrested, always got good grades and always kept a postive addidute. I truely lost all hope when the dream act didnt pass the second time. I went through a time of depression after that . I didnt feel like doing much but like every dark tunnel theres always a light at the end of it. Last year my daughter was born and it brough out the best in me . I became a father and it was my motive to give my daughter everything i never had. I worked harder and ended up with a better job with a good friend at his store. hes showing me the ropes in buisness . Which i always wanted to go to school for in the first place but couldnt, and finally later that same year the Deferred action was introduced. I was blessed by god because i qualified for it. I am currently waiting for an approval but know in my heart ill get apporved soon. Now its just a waiting game, but know that the wait is worth it because in the end Im going to be able to get the chance to further my studies and go through life without any fear.
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    erika020 got a reaction from miguel2013 in How Has Life Changed?   
    Well changes are still in progress... I'm still looking for a job and nothing has come up since I don't really have any work experience, but other than that I have my DL , I'm finally able to legally drive don't have to take the bus any more to go to school!! so that's great!!  
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    erika020 got a reaction from miguel2013 in How Has Life Changed?   
    Well changes are still in progress... I'm still looking for a job and nothing has come up since I don't really have any work experience, but other than that I have my DL , I'm finally able to legally drive don't have to take the bus any more to go to school!! so that's great!!  
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    erika020 reacted to cheated in What Part Of Legal Immigration Don't You Understand?   
    Hi dreamers,
    This is a funny / interesting picture had found a while back online about legal immigration detailing the different pathways to citizenship. It was made a while back and was meant to address the annoying opponents of immigration who usually just say 'just get in line', as if it's a walk in the park.
    sorry it's a pdf file not a picture, but it's a pdf of an image

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    erika020 got a reaction from JoseC in Approved!!!   
    Congrats!!! happy for you!
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    erika020 reacted to Summer12 in Omg Finally Approved !!   
    So after waiting for soo many months and receiving an RFE I was finally approved and will be receiving it on Saturday ,I applied in October and thought this day would never come. Just want to thank all of you for your help answering questions and best of luck to all of you still waiting , it will be your turn very soon.I know it's hard to be waiting , but just hang in there (:
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    erika020 reacted to JoseC in Approved!!!   
    I have two misdemeanors on my record and i was just not sure if was going to get it ,but today i checked my status and I have been approved!!Thanks to all of you for the help and don't lose hope!!!!
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    erika020 reacted to Santi in Save The Date - July 10... Immigration Reform D-Day   
    As many probably know, a huge milestone was reached when the Immigration Reform Bill passed the Senate with flying colors (68-32).
    However, the real test is yet to start: The GOP controlled House of Representatives and their leader, Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio).
    Boehner is one of the strongest critics of the current bill that was passed in the Senate, and has explicitly said that he won't send any bill to the House floor unless it has significant support from his Republican colleagues in the House (the Hassert Rule). Moreover, he has stated that the Senate Bill 'needs a lot of work,' and he would rather vote on an immigration bill that has been developed in the House.
    This guy is a tough cookie with a lot of influence in the House, so the more Republicans that jump on board the bill before they reconvene on July 10, the better.
    On this date (July 10), GOP members of the House will meet to discuss what options are available to them and how to proceed.
    Below are a couple things to be aware of before the House opens the floor for Immigration Reform:
    GOP Members of the House are against a pathway citizenship (at least the majority of them) The House wants to offer both a comprehensive bill and single-item bills Some House GOP members have not even read the Senate Bill All things considered, there is significant pressure on Congress to overhaul the immigration system. Given the unpopular finger-pointing that takes place whenever there is either a gridlock in congress, or when a bill fails to pass because of increased disagreement among the voting parties, citizens (I mean everyone, even you) and voters are demanding that elected representatives get the job done.
    Also, mid-term congressional elections are fast approaching (2014), and the GOP has been under increased scrutiny because of the perceived notion that Republicans are to blame when something is not done in Washington. In addition, not only do they want to either have significant control of the House or Senate, they also want to be strong contenders for the 2016 Presidential Election and increase their popularity among Latino voters.
    Let us hope for the best and keep supporting those individuals that are constantly in the front lines fighting for the rest of us.
    Further reading:

    JULY 10!
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    erika020 reacted to WGATAP in Pray For Passage   
    Friday is a big day for us. The Senate will be voting on the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill. I know not everyone is religious or believes in God , but please pray to God or whoever else you might pray to. It's been too long and we've suffered enough, I truly believe that our time has come. Also pray for a change of heart from some of the Reps in the House because they are working hard to defeat this bill. 
    That's all, Thanks for reading!!
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    erika020 got a reaction from miguel2013 in Undocucaravan Support!!   
    Hi guys/girls. 
    The purpose of the Undocucaravan is to push Governor of CA Jerry Brown to sing the TRUST ACT which aim is to limit the states participation in Secure Communities, a federal program in CA that requires state and local law enforcement to share the fingerprints of people booked in local jails with immigration officials 
    In Its current version the bill will restrict who, state and agencies , can hold for deportation at the request of immigration officials, limiting only to those with serious criminal convictions on record (
    About the CaravanOn Monday, June 24th, we will set off across the state with no papers and no fear. After three years of waiting, it’s time to protect immigrant and all families by passing the TRUST Act. If Governor Brown still doesn’t see that, we, as undocumented Californians, will help it become clear to him next week.
    Between then and now, we will caravan across the state to do two things: expose the deportation machine that runs unchecked in our state and lift up the stories and struggles of those of us whose lives are overshadowed by it in the absence of TRUST.
    We will confront our adversaries and comfort those who bear the brunt of these policies. We will collect it all and bring it to the Governor who we ask to meet with us so that he can understand the stakes, the lives, and the trust that require his action.
    Here is the link for the live stream!!
    Please share and support! help us spread the word we need to let our voice be heard!
    thanks in advance!
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    erika020 got a reaction from miguel2013 in How Has Life Changed?   
    Well changes are still in progress... I'm still looking for a job and nothing has come up since I don't really have any work experience, but other than that I have my DL , I'm finally able to legally drive don't have to take the bus any more to go to school!! so that's great!!  
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    erika020 reacted to Me15** in How Has Life Changed?   
    Life has change for me. I have a license going to school and work in red lobster as a server making great great money. I love it.
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    erika020 reacted to miguel2013 in How Has Life Changed?   
    sinse i got approve 5/22/12, my wife went to dmv got my book to start studying..sinse then it has been i have been so  positive about getting everything taking care off  ASP  . i have a great job have been working the ASPHALT FIELD sense i was 15. i was DOING MY taxes like a normal person but with a ITIN  provided as a supplement to the one i was working .i get paid by the hour I CANT COMPLAIN OF THE JOB I HAVE AS A SKIP LOADER this accoplshiment  is great i was sad not expecting that all the social security benefits that i work  where going to be claim by someone else ,well i got to fix that at ssi they open an investigation to make sure no one is claming my benefits EVEN IF IT WAS NOT MY SOCIAL  and all that money will go to my new ssi i am working in SANDIEGO. its the best feeling that your not left out..thank god  and everyone that help me make my dream come true