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  1. DACA Process [Timelines]

    how do you guys did the ssn print out?
  2. Si fresita, cuenta desde que hiciste los Biometricos no antes!
  3. I understand what your saying, and yes theres is something you could do about your sisters RFE, but, its weird that they supposedly sent an RFE and you never received it on the mail. Does USCIS send all the letters to your own address? or to your lawyer address? Cause if they send a RFE letter and your address is correct, it shouldn't take more than 5 days to arrive. If your case is at the California Center, the following address is where you send your RFE response: (keep in mind that you cannot just send evidence without the letter they sent you on your RFE letter, its a blue paper with information, like receipt #, A number, and the evidence they need it from you. But this should be a last resource if there is nothing more to do. But try to wait, and keep calling customer service and your lawyer.)Department of Homeland Security U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services California Service Center P.O. Box 10590 Laguna Niguel, CA 92607-0590 ATTN: RFE Good luck!!!
  4. you got an RFE? and you already sent what they asked since october 30th? and nothing yet? or whats going on with your case?
  5. Dont worry man, when u get an RFE and you send what they need, u get approved almost after a week! it has been the case for many people and me too. It should be fast after they received your evidence
  6. Did you also got an RFE(request for evidence?) But yeah, just send everything you can find and can get, from all places you have done business, paid, or sign any papers. Courts, tickets.. anything Good luckk!
  7. If you could change one thing...?

    The only thing i would love is that my name had a Rank or something cool, you know im Z-1 , i deserve it but the forum is pretty awesome, it would be cool if u could get a text or some sort of notification when somebody liked a comment or reply or quote or even new comment. Updating our profile with our cell #
  8. Yeah, sure they can. Try to remember where you have made business, and have sign stuff, to ask for records. Wish u luck, let us know of any updates with you.
  9. What your sending sounds pretty solid, you will get approved soon after you send your stuff. I wish you luck and let us know when good news arrive. Your brother got approved cause some officials are just to exaggerate, it just depends on which official got your case. But dont worry, you will make it with that evidence, its very solid. Wish you luck.
  10. Thxx man! I will ask him. Good luck to everybody
  11. Who is still waiting for approval?

    Well, they received my app 08/24, did biometrics 10/02, i received a RFE letter on 12/14, they received my RFE on 12/28, i got approved 01/08, tracking number says i will received my card tomorrow Sat 01/12 Im happy, it was long the wait for me, everyday cheking status :'(
  12. Dont worry man! i didnt wrote anything on description.. i already got approved for both i821d and i765.. i get my card on Saturday Jan 12, i got the tracking number on the online status
  13. First Applied & received on 08/24, biometrics 10/02, Got RFE letter sent on DEC 10, Received on Dec 14. Responded on Dec 27 & Received on Dec 28. I got approved on January 8!! Yeiii! i check on i765 status and i got the tracking number.. my card is getting here on Sat Jan 12!!! thats great!! Good luck to all of You!!! it will be fast if u got a RFE!
  14. I also got a RFE , i received the letter on DEC, 14. and i sent my respond on Dec 27 and they received on Dec 28. I went online, and printed all my statements for each month since April 17 2007 to 2012, and was like over 200 pages! so i only printed 2 pages per month. I also included receipts from court payments i made from late 2005 to late 2006. I sent my cars contract i signed when i bought it on 2008,(im still paying it cost me $28,000!) i couldnt get my receipts for the payments i made every month cause dealer always said they did and never got nothing on fax! and i skipped that instead.. i also sent receipts of money i sent to mexico.. since 2008 till 2011, i sent my car insurance policy(call them and get ur receipts for each month u have paid *better, but they sent me a letter saying my name was active with them since 2010 to present) i went online and printed my electric bill history payment from 2009 to 2011, i printed online receipts from staff i bought on from 2010 and 2011. A letter that had the date stamped on the corner . Thats pretty much it... hope it gives you ideas. It was long the Wait! they first received my applications on 08/24, biometrics on 10/02, RFE letter on 12/14, Responded to RFE on 12/27, RFE received 12/28,, then boom! Jan 8!! Approved! whoooojoo! Im just waiting for my CARD, i check the tracking number and its getting here on saturday January 12! Dont you worry man! ur gonna make it! after you send ur RFE respond, they will approve u 1 week later its fast! everyone that got RFE get approved in the following week. Good Luck!!!!!