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  1. California id

    yeahhh i went to get my printout on monday and then went to dmv to apply for ID and Driver License and they didnt even look at the printout they just scan my EAD and thats was it... and i passed the writting test the same day... i have my behind-the-wheel on wednesday...
  2. Working Days Calculator

    for me it only took 32 working days
  3. Top 10 Benefits of..

    hopefully i got approved and now i can get all this benefits .... i wanna get a better job a support my family... btw guys i was approved yesterday
  4. Official Approval Thread - EAD And DACA

    Date Application Sent: Oct1 , 2012 Date Delivered: Oct 3, 2012 Date Biometrics Appointment: Nov 2, 2012 [Walk-In Oct 17 @Chatsworth] Date of EAD and DACA Approved: Nov 13
  5. i have a feeling that im gonna be approved soon! :) i hope so

    1. Aled


      Yeah buddy! :)

  6. biometrics id??

    you can try using your passport it doesnt matter if it is expired i think.... and maybe try to show your birth certificate maybe that would be enought/....
  7. what would i do.... fisrt of all change my social number at my job... and then start looking for a better job... then i'll try to get a license.i have a car already also i want to go back to college and at least get a certificate i only need 2 more classes... thenn etc
  8. After EAD...After SSN...

    so u can get a California DL now.... you dont have to wait until january to get a Cali DL....?? thats what i hear before...
  9. I recommend Walk-Ins for Biometrics

    i just made a walk-in today at the Chatsworth CA office... and i did my biometrics 16 days early.... the staff were very nice and they helped me...
  10. I recommend Walk-Ins for Biometrics

    so there would be no problem if i go the next day to get my biometrics done even if the appointment is like 2 or 3 weeks later? that would be great..
  11. so by next week or in two more weeks i should expect to received a biometrics appointment then?
  12. do u have any idea about how long time i need to wait for getting the biometrics appointment after receiving this notices? thanks for your help anyway
  13. Hello everybody!!! i just received 2 text messages and 2 emails today in the morning saying that my case was received and it says the i will receive 2 Official Receipt Notice (Form I-797) within 7-10days... with two different numbers... i am wondering if any of those is going to include the biometrics appointment or i have to wait longer to receive another letter for that... thank you for you help and good luck everybody
  14. Welcome to the forums gianka09 :)