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  1. Hello :]

    Hey i know this is a bit late but I would like to introduce myself to everyone who doesn't know me.......... My name on here is Ensign... Don't ask I wouldn't have thought that I would be using it. (tooooo Late). Feel free to ask me anything!! :]
  2. So I just came back from the recruitment office for the Airforce and the officer told me that they werent going to be accepting any enlistings from DACA I found it kind of strange and she seemed kinda iffy about the topic and wasnt to aware can anyone verify this for me?
  3. Daca Renewal

    I also haven't received anything back my status is just sitting on Initial review. I contacted them but they only said they dont have a time frame for the processing times of the applications. I am going to be going into a local office for a extension of my i-765 since it already expired on the 15th of October. What office was your application sent to ? Mine was the Nebraska office. And i also submitted within 100 days of the expiration period.
  4. When sending all the paper work out are we required to provide proof of school if still currently enrolled and also proof we where granted acceptance for the i765 form of the work permit? the instructions on the form say to mail it with that information included but the instructions on the i821D say not to process any paper work unless you are in removal proceedings :/... Hallllp!!
  5. Anyone know if part 5 - 7 has to be filled out if you did not have a interpreter? Requester signifies myself right?
  6. Renewing Daca

    Yeah I figured much. Judging by this entry on the uscis site they mention you need to wait for the form to be released they said it would be out by the end of april- Mid may but that doesn't seem to be accurate since its already May 12th. http://www.uscis.gov/humanitarian/consideration-deferred-action-childhood-arrivals-process
  7. Renewing Daca

    so in this case this is not the form we would be filling out for renewal? I am just a little confused sorry.
  8. Renewing Daca

    Looking at the headline Does this mean that anyone who applied after august 15 does not apply to this and will have to wait for a renewal guidance?
  9. Official Approval Thread - EAD And DACA

    I just got my EAD approval :] ill make a timeline later but i took my biometrics on the 24th of September and on October 16 was ordered a card for production! :] good luck everyone! !
  10. Biometrics Fingerprint Machine

    Lol lucky! !! They wouldn't send u away just like that
  11. Biometrics Fingerprint Machine

    I had the same problem some of them didnt go through so she had to keep re doing them :[
  12. Military enrollment through DACA

    How would i apply through the dream act?
  13. Hello :]

    jose i think its a bit late i already took my bio i dont remember the days i got everything -__-.....
  14. Military enrollment through DACA

    I asked her if she was going based off information from the past and she said she needed to have a green card becaouse the goverment wouldnt accept it. So I asked her if she knew any information based off of daca and all she said was no and that she didnt even know that it had passed............ -______-
  15. hello my i797 form only had 1 bar code at the bottom :[