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  1. I know that in canada it only takes six months for u to become a legal resident over there
  2. How about no insurance where does that rank
  3. i need to get approved already lol i cant wait any longer come on nebraska hurry up

  4. has anyone been denied?

    Has anyone been denied?
  5. waiting sucks

    from what i been reading the facebook pages yeah you do and they say that if its been more than 75 days theyll grant the service request and you should have an answer with in 5 business days
  6. waiting sucks

    why dont you call for a service request i heard its actually working
  7. ok so i did my bios the first of november , nebraska service center. so people when should i expect and answer back from them from what i seen so far i would say the first of december but other people here in utah it has only taken 16 days so it makes me wonder if their going faster with states that sent less applications than other states from what i know only 845 apps were sent from utah which is really low if not the lowest from other states
  8. can we amend our taxes once we receive our ssn?

    Can we qualify for eic for previous years
  9. So i did my bios on nov. 1st how long will it take for me to get a response?
  10. do civil jugdements affect your biometrics lets say if your getting sue by a credit card company
  11. Biometrics appearance

    Alright gracias for the info i got my bios on the first
  12. Biometrics appearance

    How should one present themselves to their bio app?
  13. can we amend our taxes once we receive our ssn?

    Ive been reading different forums and some say that we can hopefully we are able too that be nice
  14. can we amend our taxes for the previous years we filed? would we be able to get the rest of our money?
  15. biometrics on 11/1/2012 but im walking in next tuesda :-)