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  1. Help!!!!! Licenses In Nc???

    they just confirmed that starting feb. 25th, they will give out license to dreamers in NC. so no need to worry guys
  2. This Is Too Long :\

    dont panic we are all still waiting. theres nothing you can do but sit back and wait till approve you. ive been waiting since september and nothing. dont worry you'll hear from them this month
  3. Feeling Guilty :(

    seriously i cant believe you feel guilty. You have an opportunity that a lot of people wished they had. Instead of feeling "guilty"you should feel motivated that you finally have a chance to improve and make a better life for you and your family. yea things are hard but we now have a way of getting things done. maybe you cant find a job because you havent searched enough or you just gave up. whatever it is don't let a problem like that get you down. you already got approved. i honestly dont see a reason why your not smiling and cheering. dont give up and stop thinking like that. dont feel sorry for your self. get up and do something with this opportunity that you got.
  4. if you get pulled over youre only gonna get a ticket. when you go to court, tell the judge that your status is pending. the judge is gonna give you and extension. when you get your license you go to court and they'll take the ticket away. cops in florida wont take your car or call immigration. its pretty slack here because immigration isnt a big deal here i florida.. i know all of this by experience. ive gotten pulled over a couple of times and its not a big deal. unless you dont go to court they'll have a bench warrant for you. which is also not a big deal. you spend the night in jail the judge will talk to you and youre out first thing in the morning. its not even a misdemeanor. i know this cus when i checked my record to apply for daca on the file it says ive never been arrested and i asked the cop why did it say that and its because they dont bother making a big deal out of a moving violation.
  5. Dream Act Approval???

    i think that the immigration reform would not only benefit us the dreamers but every immigrant in the us that meets the requirements. i could be wrong though im no too sure
  6. Dream Act Approval???

    i seriously hope we hear something about it this year. i mean im thankful for the deferred action but i would feel a whole lot better with a permanent solution.
  7. Ok so as we all know we have a temporary answer to our problems...DACA. but my question is, when is congress gonna vote for the Dream Act again? I know it came short by just a little back in 2010 but things are different now and republicans need the Latino vote so im confident that the Dream Act is not gonna be a dream anymore but a reality for us.
  8. man its horrible living in miami with this problem. im 22 i cant even buy beer or go into a club cus they wont accept my ID. when im with my friends i feel lower than them. i never told anyone about. it makes me feel like crap when they talk about traveling or going to a club because i cant go. i have to make an excuse for everything. it sucks that a piece of paper can make things different. but hopefully it all changes when i get approved. we're all gonna be normal people. so keep your head up high!
  9. they should have more .. just sayin
  10. alright people, its a new week. hopefully some of us get good news this week.

  11. Hello From Miami

    yea thats cool... send it and ill add you... wheres santi? we need to all meet up and celebrate when we get approved
  12. Hello From Miami

    09... i cant believe we all live close to each other... im always around country walk cus of my friend. he lives right across the army base..
  13. Hello From Miami

    walter... do you go to school or you graduated?
  14. Hello From Miami

    yea i dont think theres a point in checking. they send you a text when you get approve. and yea i tought i was the only one in miami too.. whats your name phoenix? we should all hang out for sure