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  1. Finding a job

    Ok so I'm starting this cause maybe some of you have gone through the same. Every time i look for a job, most ask for a resume and cover letter, how do you guys cope with that? I mean, i've had jobs but sometimes it feels like its just not good enough and the fact of "our situation" doesn't help. How do you deal with it?
  2. Hey guys! Well, I was wondering if any of you guys have any plans to solve their migratory status after getting their DACA approved. What I mean is, yes, we're gonna be granted SSN and a work permit but only valid for two years and if the policy is renewed then we can renew it for another two years and so on. I see this as an opportunity or kick start for us to solve through other possible ways. For me, I see this as a temporary solution (which it is) but that will let me solve my situation much easier than having nothing, I will literally work my ass off even more so that I'm prepared if something happens to DACA. Does any of you think the same? I know a highly paying job, a car, education are important, but I think solving our migratory situation is a first priority. This is a one of a kind opportunity and we have to make the best out of it. After we solve our status, we will be able to get whatever we want cause as DREAMERS that we are, we have gone through very difficult situations, we know what it feels to not be able to work like other people, have the things other people have, or even drive without being scared about being pulled over, or as simple as it is, when people ask us for an identification and we have nothing to show but a passport (for some). So I think even though we will be able to "calm down" for two years, this is a heads up for us to work even harder and be prepared for the future, so I think it's a great idea, while we wait for our application to be approved, plan for the future, plan what to do, how to work things out so we won't fall again into what we were before DACA.
  3. Hey Everyone

    So I never got to introduce myself in here at all, so may as well do so now that I've some spare time. Hey everyone, my real name is Enrique, I'm from Venezuela, came to the US originally because of our current situation in our country, going through many political changes and a lot of insecurity so we decided to come to the US, currently I'm the only one who has illegal presence as to the rest of my family they found a way to get in a status and now they're becoming residents except me. This is the only hope I have, the only one I'm hoping for growing a bright future. Honestly I'm all counting on this approval so that I can finally start my own life, I've gone through a lot of difficult phases (I'm guessing just like any other Dreamer out there). When I was in high school, just like any other kid around that age, I would always dream of getting out of high school, start college in another state, living the college life, by my own, I also wanted to go to the US Air Force, and just be like any other typical american life. Just about when I was a senior, I noticed I couldn't do anything I wished for, not even in my same state or more specifically, the same county. Fortunately, I did get my license when I had a status but it's now expired of course, never got a SSN or ITIN. Living life as an undocumented, it has been one of the toughest obstacles I have ever had, just like any of you. Not being able to drive legally, work legally (and even find a decent job), get credits, or even show a valid ID without showing a passport. Most of my friends if not all, they all are residents and citizens, it's hard to keep up with them since they are in college and working at the same time, traveling inside and outside the country with no problems, and even simple stuff like even making a contract with a phone carrier to get a new phone. Things I can't do, and the ones I can, I can barely do. They often ask me about me and what am I thinking about doing with my life, it's such an awkward question although they know my situation, but it still is an awkward situation. I'm someone who usually compares my own to the rest, and it's just so hard and frustrating and devastating, knowing all the things I can do, I could do, and that I'm willing to do, and it's all in stand by. I'm living a life I don't want to live, meaning, I've always felt forced to live the way my parents and other people want me to, and of course, I've always hidden my true personality because they are just not accepting who I am, what I do or what I like. It's so sad when people keeps stepping over you over and over again and you know you can't do anything because without them, I'm not able to sustain myself. This is the number one reason I've been waiting anxiously for the approval, so that I can get my freedom, that's the way of me seeing this opportunity, as freedom. After all this years, I've realized that I'm not looking for fortune, to be rich, or anything, all I've been looking is for just one thing that I mentioned, freedom, stability, and peace with my own. If you made it all the way here reading my post, thanks for taking the time. I'm sorry if some parts do not make sense, I needed to ventilate a little since all my friends are busy on their own little world and they clearly do not understand what I'm going through. I wish luck to all of you that have gotten approved. To the ones waiting, for some of us has been a long road, some are just starting this game of waiting, but be patient, things happen for a reason, the day we will get approved, it's not because an officer just finished the case, it's because we're done, we're prepared for this new opportunity they are giving us. Good luck, and have a nice day everyone.
  4. DACA Process [Timelines]

    The purpose of this topic is to publish your Timeline, here's mine as an example: - Date Application Sent: September 21, 2012 - Application's Lockbox: Vermont lockbox - Date acceptance letter: September 27, 2012 - Date of I-797 C (Application Approved): Pending - Date Biometrics (Walk in): October 5, 2012 at 12pm - Date Biometrics scheduled: October 19, 2012 at 2:00pm - Date of EAD received: Pending I know some of you guys have it as your signature but the reason for this topic is to compare our cases and waiting process all just in one place. I found myself going and scrolling through different topics just to read some of the signatures that have their timeline published so why not having them all just in one place. Thanks for taking your time if you do reply to this topic, have a good day everyone and good luck!
  5. So, my question is, to renew DACA, do I have to submit all the initial evidence again plus the two years I have been granted, or how will this process be?

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    2. Tonatiuh609


      dude im on the same boat , this week i`ll go see my lawyer see wuzup

    3. EnJR


      That's what I think, that we won't need to submit the initial evidence but probably they will be updating their website assume as the renewals become due, guessing late june to july perhaps.

    4. roadrunner11


      We probably won't have to submit new evidence but we will have to do biometrics once again. The renewal process has to be done 90 days before the expiration date on our permits so for those expiring in the fall we need to do it around June or July.

  6. Long time no see, hope everyone is doing good!

  7. I Was Approved

    You'll probably get approved soon
  8. You can still get a driver's license in FL. Haven't heard of anyone been declined yet in FL.
  9. Feeling awesome. 4 Job interviews! Hopefully I'll get the one I'm interested the most :)

    1. engineer2mike


      Hopefully!! I've been sending tons of resumes. We'll catch something bc the hard part is behind us:)

  10. Email From Uscis Today!!

    That means they're working on your case. They'll probably approve you very very soon, that happened to me on a friday and on monday I got the approval. Good luck.
  11. Just got a job :) Honestly I feel like this has gone way too fast, I got my SSN, DL, EAD and a JOB within two weeks of being approved.

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    2. Luna


      Awesome :)

    3. Luna


      Awesome :)

    4. EnJR


      Lol It really is! Everyday there's something new and totally is different

  12. Update; for any other Florida applicant, you can get your driver's license with just a print out of you SSN.
  13. Went to the SSA to get a print out, went to the DMV to renew and already got my Laminated DL Back :)

    1. lyssa


      Congrats! : )

    2. engineer2mike


      Congrats JR!!!

    3. EnJR



  14. That's what I heard, supposedly Florida does not require the actual card, but anyways, I'll just give it a try tomorrow and see what happens.
  15. So I've been reading this entire thread, still, I have one question, if I get the print out before my card arrives, can I go to the DMV and renew my DL with just the numbers or do I have to wait for the actual card?
  16. I never got the email or text and I already have my EAD.
  17. Just got my EAD today, tomorrow sounds like a good day for the SSA :)

    1. roadrunner11


      Hey congrats I didn't know you had been approved this is great news!!

  18. New Advance Parole Form

    Even for people with legal status that require an advanced parole, USCIS does not grant the re-entry if they leave the country.
  19. Paystubs As Evidence

    Like someone here said, if you deposited them, use the bank statements, as to a letter from your old job, it would work more as an affidavit than an evidence, try and get the bank statements, that's what I recommend
  20. Paystubs As Evidence

    I wouldn't use them either because it has a fake SSN. One of my jobs paid me with checks, i sent them all as proof of presence in the US, it worked out great.
  21. Cir Paths Visualized...must Read!!!

    Awesome! Hopefully it goes thru
  22. I JUST GOT APPROVED!!!! OMG THANKS GOD!! Just when i needed it the most! God is big. To all of you still waiting just hang in there, your time will come! I still can't believe this awesome news

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    2. Dariela
    3. Luna


      See I told you that you were going to get approved soon :) congratulations I'm very happy for you !!!!

    4. EnJR


      Thanks everyone! :) One day has passed and I can't stop smiling

  23. So April 18th they updated my name relating my I-765 which is weird, I never sent a new form or anything. I guess it's a glitch, and btw going to 8 months next week. smh.

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    2. Mee


      What service center is your application at? Hope you get approved soon.

    3. EnJR


      My case is in Vermont

    4. engineer2mike


      I'll be going on 7 months :(

  24. Congratulations! You were finally approved after so long and after many many days of desperation lol Enjoy and cheers!
  25. Already has a job and today was called for another job. Seems like I'll be working all day mo-fri. Hope I get approved soon.

    1. Santi


      Pana - te van a aprobar pronto y Capriles se va a comer el Maduro! Ponele cuidado!

    2. EnJR


      Espero que si vale! espero que este año sean de cosas positivas.

    3. Santi


      Parce - mente positiva...ya vermont se esta moviendo...ya te toca el turno de celebrar pana