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  1. For the day of June,15 2012, If I have nothing to prove I was here. I do have an emailed receipt I could print from Amazon for the purchase of a game app on June,17 2012 just two days after. It shows my full name and address, do you guys think that would be enough to prove I was here on the 15th?
  2. The Race Question

    Sorry, but I don't understand. Asian people can still answer question 15. If they happen to be Hispanic/Latino they put yes, if not then no.
  3. The Race Question

    Thanks, but who would not answer section 15? It's basically asking are you Hispanic/Latino yes or no? Everyone is can answer yes or no.
  4. Hello all, I'm trying to fill out the new I-821d form. This new form is asking for something I don't think was in the older version. In part 1, question 16, It is asking that you check any of the boxes for race that apply to you. The options available are: White Asian Black or Aafrican American American Indian or Alaska Native Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander My question is which boxes are you guys marking? Or are you just leaving that section blank?
  5. Welcome to the forums Solrac :)