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  1. i finally had my lil girl on thursday oct 24 at 607pm by c section. im soo happy!! i love being a new mother

  2. I don't understand why I can't access this site from my house, but I can get on here from elsewhere.

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      Let me know if you guys see any downtime. There shouldn't be.

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  3. Hi everyone, haven't been on in a while, the forum looks prettier. well I was wondering how much is it to get a driving learners permit in California?

  4. i feel like USCIS just skipped my application, something is not right

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      I think everyone feels like that at some point! Don't worry :)

  5. So frustrated. Got really sick this past weekend and an ER visit and medicines for my asthma just literally wiped out all my savings. Thanks for rushing that SSN application a holes... Praying that once I apply for health insurance, it'll cover this stuff...

  6. Almost a month since I went to the SS office and my application still hasn't been submitted. The government moves at a blistering pace, huh? They probably still send stuff to George Bush to sign. SMH

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      not true @rawf. it takes 2-3 weeks. and 4 weeks max. if its taking longer, i would go to the ssn office and check it out.

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  7. My D.L just came in the mail :D somebody pinch me :)

  8. passed my driving test on monday. i didnt know i had to look at the intersections even if is green light hmmm other than that . she said perfect score

  9. It's a beutiful day in SoCal...enjoy your day! :D

  10. It's a beutiful day in SoCal...enjoy your day! :D

  11. Got pulled over for the first time ... whipped out the DL and gave it to the cop with a smile from ear to ear :D

  12. Just Pre-Ordered the 84" XBR 4K Ultra HD TV! I can't wait!!! :D

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      wow are you serious? take a pic please!!

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  13. Seens like the main link for the forum doesn't work, I though I was banned...

  14. This is so frustrating,I just got through speaking to an immigration officer and was told that my case is in an extended security review and that until that is clear then i will receive a response,i asked how much longer do i have to wait and she said that she did not know.I think that my case is stuck in security name check i have read that this can take longer than six months an that there is a small percent that can take up to years i just hope iam not part of that small percent.I will jus...

  15. :,,,,( so as I was sitting down in the toilet .i checked my status into iPhone and I finally got approved. It's like someone lifted pounds pounds off my shoulders ! I waited way too long ! :)

  16. smh maybe im misunderstanding some words that are being put on here *shurgs* but its not cool ...sometimes ppl should think before they write or speak....

  17. Socrules7 is a negro..

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      I dont think anything being said is racial or offensive..

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  18. Just got back from the gym it helped take my mind of this for a while but now I'm back to reality come on cali approve me already!! :(

  19. I guess no mail for me today!! lets hope by tomorow!!

  20. i think the dumbdesr thing i hear is .... why they dont do it the right way and get a visa ... like stfuppppppppppp!

  21. i think the dumbdesr thing i hear is .... why they dont do it the right way and get a visa ... like stfuppppppppppp!