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    I Am Worried About The Future Of Daca

    I've been in the country for 27 years and haven't returned to visit my birth place nor my extended family in Mexico since 1991. Luckily I'm fortunate to have yearly visits from them traveling here and have aunts/uncles living here too. I have no issue not being able to return the country. The current landscape of politics is benefitting no one and will only get worse as politicians fulfill their own agendas instead of the interests of the ones that elected them. As a filmmaker I can join the work force in Canada, Australia, or Britain. It would be a pain filing all the paper work but do able. And owning my own web design business I can work from anywhere.
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    Question About Affidavits.

    I also remember when I first applied in 2012, there was a lot of talk of getting it notarized. Seems it'd help the validity of the document