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    So I Got A R.f.e. Today -___-

    Update on my evidence! after I had some time to calm down and think clearly, I went online and found a forum that is for RFE's only and people where saying what they sent in as extra evidence. So I got copies of ALL my playstation network transactions they are all dated. Also, I'm going to get affidavits for the gaps between periods of time that I lack evidence. On top of all of that I went back on my facebook and took screen shots of places I had checked in on and conversations I had with people on specific dates. ON top of that i'm also sending in Screen shots of emails dated. And if my ex girlfriend chooses to be a nice person (not holding my breath) I have asked her to get an affidavit stating that I lived with her for 5 years consecutively and for her to send me some of the bills that were under her name but that I claimed on my application as my address and I also have personal letters that are post marked to me. What do you guys think?