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    i checked this morning & it says my card is in production!
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    Opening A Bank Account

    The fee for the Chase Total Checking is only $10 and it's waved if you have direct deposit and get a combined total deposit of only $500 a month.
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    Opening A Bank Account

    Right now chase is about the same as wellsfargo, chase charges you 12$ if you have a balance of less than 1500$. Wellsfargo waves the 12$ if you use your card 10 times in a month. I had Chase, and when my balance went below 1,500, they started charging me even if you add more balance they charged after your balance has gone below 1,500. Wellsfargo is not on the favorite list either but at least they wave the monthly fee if you use it 10 times.
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    Opening A Bank Account

    Its defiantly not a big deal to change banks. You just simply tell them you want to close ur bank account and you go ahead and open it elsewhere. Or you can simply not use it and open another one. Wells Fargo is pretty good in my opinion and most of the major banks have similar policies because they have to compete against each other, so it shouldn't be too bad.
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    Thanks, I emailed the human resources yesterday and explained the situation. Just waiting on their reply to see if I am able to get hired or not.