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    Honestly why would you want to work as if you didn't have a legal status? My advice would be to get a job where you actually pay taxes, just bcuz you're in school and when tax time comes around you get more money back bcuz of school!!! Nevertheless congrats on finding a job. Just think about the advice I gave you :-)
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    Hi!.. Im Yuri

    Hi Yuri, wonderful story reminds me of myself!... Very glad you got approved!
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    You should follow your dreams...
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    She gave you her fax number but what about her phone number? I'm saying this just in case you need to get in contact with her to ask a question. SHE herself should've given you examples of what they would accept. I'm surprised the taxes and affidavits thing wasn't enough. Don't lose hope, you're almost there! You're not gonna start losing hope now, you're stronger than that, you waited for 10 months. Let's brainstorm and make a checklist, Is there "anything", at all that has your name on it from Jan - Jun?