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    I Got Approved!!!!!!!

    I got my approval in the mail yesterday along with my employment card!!!!
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    My work permit arrived yesterday yay
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    To everyone who is still waiting keep praying, God knows you guys heart and knows how much You guys need it. When you guys are sad about it which is totally understandable a prayer will Help just remember God is bigger than the government they don't have the last say...God does. Faith <3
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    You live in Cali? That is absurd, you got a SSN because your legal status is...well...LEGAL! They shoulnd't have to check absolutely anything, that is bullshit...There are plenty of people from cali here, ask Calidreamer, look for her on the members board and ask her, I think she got approved already...she would be able to tell you. And you should ask help from your senator if that is the case, I would think this is descrimination.